Everything About Android 10, The Update That Can Provide Real-Time Subtitles

Make no mistake; I’m no fan of Android.

Not even close.

As a dedicated follower of the revered Apple series, I feel it is appropriate to mention that the only time I used an Android was when my parents gifted me this kick-ass Android robot with a high-performance blowing capacity.

No idea why they gifted me that but suffice to say that I’ve been using it well.

As a vacuum. For your dirty minds.

But I’m digressing; as I mentioned, I’m no fan of Android, but even so, I’ve been assigned to write this complex, complicated and utterly bamboozling piece on the upcoming Android 10, something I could hardly give a rat’s fart about. However, because I’m a born professional…

Expect everything you could possibly know about Android 10… all in this one, short article.

Everything About Android 10, The Update That Can Provide Real-Time Subtitles

According to AsiaOneGoogle has officially released the final version of Android 10.

Image: Twitter/qbking77

But before you rejoice, take note that the update is currently available only to those who own Google’s Pixel phones. The rest will have to wait a bit, I’m afraid.

“Well, that sucks,” you cry. “Maybe I should go to Apple. Android sucks.”

Well, nobody’s refuting that, but before you really jump ship, you might want to hear me out on these new features…

Exclusive to the one and only Android 10.

Security and Privacy

For starters, Android 10 will come with new privacy and security features, little technicalities that will grant you increased control as well as a better understanding of the level of access each mobile app has.

Image: Google

All privacy controls, such as account activity, can be found in one place: Android 10 settings.

Additionally, apps that request for your location will now trigger a new pop-up, asking you whether you wish to grant location access at all times, only when being used or not at all. And just in case you ever wish to change the setting, it’ll also give you a one-time reminder.

Image: Google

Helpful innovation

An expansion of Android Pie’s own gesture navigation, Android 10 now omits the back button and features fully gesture-based navigation. To go back, you’ll now have to swipe from the left or right edge of the screen, and you have to swipe up to go home.

But if you snort at such peasant manual options, you can always opt for the traditional three-icon navigation system, which will remain a mainstay option.

Another feature that will be available is the Live Caption function. In this nifty ass feature, real-time captions will be generated for just about anything on your phone, as long as someone’s talking.

And to make things even slicker? You don’t even need an internet connection.

Pirated movies with actors and actresses talking gibberish to your ears? Android 10’s here to help. Also, if you’re a chronic addict to subtitles, this is definitely for you.

And the Smart Reply feature might just appeal to your inner laziness. Providing more convenience for users, this delectable option will give you useful shortcuts to apps that might be relevant in notifications.

Digital wellbeing

According to AsiaOne, this one’s similar to Zen, a feature which appears on most OnePlus smartphones. However, Android’s native Focus mode has one major differing component:


It’s far less drastic.

Similar to Zen, this new mode will allow you to temporarily disable specific apps so that you can abstain from using them and instead focus on other things. And after the initial selection of apps, you can opt to activate the mode in the quick settings sector.

Talk about smooth.

And Last But Not Least, Low Battery Mode, Android-Style

That’s right; Android 10 will be introducing Android’s own dark mode, a system-wide feature that will save battery life, reduce strain on the eyes and most importantly…

Look a hell lot cooler.


And so… what are you waiting for?

If you’re the proud user of a Google Pixel phone, rejoice; you’re free to tamper with the Android 10 system as you wish. 

But if you’re on the losing end of the spectrum (the rest of the Android galaxy), worry not;

It’ll come soon enough.

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