Everything About Facebook Reaction ‘Flower’ You Probably Didn’t Know


If you have been scrolling through Facebook today, you would have realised the flower reaction seen in every post, along with the “Like”, “Angry” and “Crying” reactions.


So what exactly does the Flower reaction mean?

In a bid to mark and celebrate Mother’s Day in more than 80 countries across the world, Facebook introduced a temporary reaction emoji today – The flower emoji. The emoji also means “thankful”. 

This temporary initiative was launched by Facebook today in honour of Mother’s Day. It is also the first time Facebook has launched a temporary reaction and we foresee that many will soon follow after. 

However, Facebook has not stated which markets this reaction is currently being tested on. After this, the flower reaction will soon disappear from the reaction bar but it will still appear underneath any posts where it has been added.

But there have also been a Facebook ‘petition’ page created to garner support for the Flower emoji, so if you really love it so much, you can go on and join the efforts here


I mean, it’s adding a nice touch to a small thing and we aren’t complaining. So hurry and leave a flower reaction to the posts you see and make this day a history in the social media world!

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