Everything About the Google Pixel 4 Phones That Has High-Tech Features Which No One Understands

If you’re someone who only believes in a brand that has lower specs and higher price but tagged with a bitten fruit, then exit this article and read our other articles, like a horse appearing in Yishun.

If you’re a Samsung user who’s afraid that your favourite brand is going to go the Huawei way, then read on.

Because the next Google phone is out, and if Google also ban Google, then I’ve got nothing else to say liao.

Google Pixel 4 Series Announced

Lest you’re not aware, Google does make their own phones.

Before the Pixel line, Google worked with several manufacturers to come out with the Google Nexus line, with their last phone being the Google Nexus 6P which was a collaboration with—wait for it—Huawei.

In 2016, Google made their own smartphone called the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, and has been coming with a new version every year.

Their latest version was Pixel 3 which was launched in October last year, though they come out with a more affordable version, the Pixel 3a series, in May this year.

And since it’s October now, Google has announced its new generation phone, the Pixel 4 series.

The Pixel line usually comprises two variants, the Pixel version and the Pixel XL version, which is bigger.

Yesterday, the Pixel 4 series was unveiled, and it looks goody.

Image: TechCrunch

Other than it coming packaged with the latest Android version, Android 10, the Pixel 4 XL holds a 3700 mAh battery with a 6GB ram. It’s also slightly bigger than the Galaxy S10 at 6.3”.

Doing a direct comparison with other phones won’t do justice to any phone since different phones have different specs, so let’s just say that it has a high-end specs.

However, unlike newer phones that’re in stores now, the Pixel 4 still has bezel. You’ll either love or hate it.

But what special features do it hold?

High-Tech Features That No One Understands

Pixel 4’s screen will auto adjust its refresh rate based on what’s your screen, so it’ll perform much better while draining less battery. In addition, its display can adapt to the screen’s colour temperature to make it look more natural, depending on how bright your area is.

You can also use hand motion to control certain apps; kind of like how Tom Cruise control his computer with dance movements in Minority Report minus the 3D interface. In other words, Google thinks that touch screen is too yesterday.

Of course, you can unlock the phone with your face, and Google’s so confident of their security that they allow you to unlock Google Pay with your face, too. Would it solve the problem of people using photos to unlock it? Only time will tell.

Image: PCWorld

The phone comes with two rear cameras, and I’m pretty sure Apple fan are going to complain that it bears an uncanny resemblance to iPhone 11. According to CNET, the camera’s so goody that you can take photos of stars.

(Though I think Huawei phones can take images of another galaxy’s stars)

Starts from $1,119

Back in the Nexus days, Google phones were marketed as affordable smartphones.

But not anymore.


In Singapore, the Pixel 4 starts from $1,119  for the 64GB version. The most expensive one is the Pixel 4 XL (128GB) that costs $1,469.

All these prices are non-contract prices, and you can pre-order the phone online via the Google Store, or offline from Challenger and Courts. The phone will be officially released on 24 October 2019.

So far, StarHub could be the only telco that’s carrying this phone, though price plans are not released yet.

The phones will come in three colours: black, while and  orange.

Also, just like Apple and Samsung, Google has also released its own wireless earbuds, the Pixel Buds 2, because who else still uses wired earphones?


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