Everything About The Ku Hye-sun & Ahn Jae-hyun Divorce That Includes Dogs, Nipples & More Dirty Laundry


Some celebrities go above and beyond to keep their private life on the down-low.

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Take Leonardo Dicaprio for instance: he’s doing an amazing job at becoming one with his jacket. Or perhaps he’s just allergic to paparazzi.

On the other hand, some other celebrities prefer to be a little more.. out there with their private lives.

At times, they even take to social media to air their dirty laundry. And my, oh my do they have lots of it – some even involving nips and dogs?

Time to spill the tea:

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That’s some orange tea up there.

Okay, but before any of that let’s jog our memories a little:

Who is Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun? 

In 2015, the two South Koreans starred in the supernatural medical drama Blood where they first met. A year later in 2016, they announced their marriage.

Image: When In Manila

Beautiful…until they became a Song-Song couple soon after.

Jae-Hyun’s Depression In 2017

According to When In Manila, a short year after they got married, in 2017, Jae-hyun fell into depression and began seeing a psychiatrist.

Fast forward to the present: Jae-hyun suggests that this occurred because of their marriage, stating that the marriage was very “taxing for him mentally.” However,  Hye-sun denies this and claims that he became depressed after their dog passed away.

Jae-hyun Calls Women When Drunk

After recovering, Hye-sun alleges that Jae-hyun “loved to drink and started to talk to women under the influence of alcohol.”

After advising him to refrain from doing so, they began having more “frequent fights.” Jae-hyun has denied these allegations.

Hye-sun Trespasses Into His Apartment And Checks His Phone

To add more fuel to the drama, according to AsiaOne,  Jae-hyun countered the drunk-calling-women allegations by claiming that she trespassed into his apartment on 9 August 2019.

She checked his phone while he was sleeping.

Apparently, she lied to the guard that she had lost her key.


In reply, Hye-sun claims that “It’s not trespassing; I entered because I’m your wife.”

Unsexy Nipples

Ah, the primary point of sustenance for a freshly born child.

And wait, the primary cause of a divorce? Hye-sun claims that her husband told her he wanted a divorce because “my nipples weren’t sexy.”


That’s some Korean drama element there.

Talks Of Divorce

The actual divorce timeline is all over the place. To put it simply, it was Jae-hyun who first wanted the divorce.

Her lawyers revealed that Hye-sun still wants to be together for the sake of her elderly mother’s health. So they didn’t finalise the divorce.

Since then, Hye-sun has demanded Jae-hyun to pay for expenses (he has already paid) related to their wedding and home renovations, as well as payment for all the household chores she had done every day for the past three years.

She has also requested for ownership of their apartment.

And get this: all these aren’t private arguments that were leaked to the press. They posted them online for all to see.


We Need A Washing Machine For All The Dirty Laundry

We hope that both of them will come to their senses soon and take their dirty laundry off the internet.

Otherwise, we’re gonna need a washing machine to wash all the dirty laundry. Hopefully, they’ll be able to resolve their issues amicably.

When I asked my editor what he thought of this saga, he only gave me three alphabets: T.M.I.