Everything About Beyoncé’s Pregnancy in 60 Sec


In the wake of President Donald Trump’s inauguration and the slew of controversial decisions he made that came afterwards, one piece of good news emerged. This one is basically completely apolitical, and served as excellent distraction for the internet.

Beyoncé is pregnant again!

Image: instagram.com


This time, she’s expecting twins, after the birth of her first daughter five years ago. Speculations abound as to the genders and possible names of the baby twins, and some even speculate a boy and a girl, based on the colour of underwear Beyoncé was wearing in her Instagram post.


Speaking of which, she announced her pregnancy on Instagram, with a photo of herself in an ethereal shroud, wearing a pink bra and a blue frilly underwear, surrounded by flowers. The post garnered over 9 million likes on Instagram, making it the most-liked post on Instagram of all time.


When the post first appeared on Instagram on 1 February, many celebrities jumped to congratulate her. This apolitical, celebratory mood breathed a breath of fresh air into the national melancholy amidst President Trump’s controversies.

Black History Month

Unfortunately, the news might not be as apolitical as people thought, as some noticed the significance of the date of the announcement. 1 February, also known as the first day of Black History Month in America, also happened to be the day Beyoncé chose to announce her pregnancy.

This is thought to be purposeful, since in the photo she looks to be roughly 4 to 5 months into her pregnancy.

The Photo

The photo itself actually invited much discussion, considering its unique and artful composition. Many people started discussing the meaning behind such a surreal photo, and media outlets joined in as well, interpreting the photo in a purely artistic way.

Tabloids even managed to ‘uncover’ some more hidden links between her and the Illuminati, the secret society conspiracy theorists thought to be behind major world events.

What do you think about this news? Is it a welcome distraction in this time of turmoil, or did it shift attention away from more important matters?

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