Everything About the Fake NTUC Gift Card Scam You Need to Know in 60 Sec

This is not the first, nor will it be the last time scammers attempt to cheat people by leveraging NTUC’s name.

After all, $400 worth of NTUC vouchers is a pretty attractive sum of money and it’s something most of us would love to have due to its practicality.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

Interestingly, I received this particular Whatsapp message two days back.

And heck, it wasn’t even from some unknown number. It’s from a friend of mine. When I gave him a call, he said that he did not send the message to me. Soooo, am I right to assume that this is some form of malware?

A post by NTUC on Facebook reads: “We were alerted of a new online scam that was hosted on multiple unofficial websites impersonating FairPrice,”

“The site claims to reward customers with a SG$400 gift card voucher in celebration of our 45th anniversary. Please be wary that this message was not created nor endorsed by us,”

NTUC has advised customers to ignore the link and avoid sharing it.

TL;DR: Don’t open the link and don’t share it

Heck, do spread the word and let your parents and relatives know about this (I’m pretty sure some aunties and uncles are sharing the link non stop at this point).

Let’s help contain the damage before it gets out of hand!

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