Everything you need to know about Changi Airport T4 in 60 sec

The new Changi Airport Terminal 4 that began construction in October 2011 is set to open late next year in 2017, and many new and exciting procedures and activities will be coming our way. Here are 5 of the most important things you need to know about the new terminal:

New security screening procedures
In the current terminals, security checks and screenings are held at the boarding gates and afterwards, passengers are unable to continue roaming since they have to stay in the holding rooms. However, the new terminal will have a centralized screening area for all security checks to be carried out, which allows for passengers to resume their worry-free shopping and dining all the way until boarding time instead of having to laze around in boredom!

Increased self-service procedures
The frustration of having to queue for long periods of time to check-in at the counter or waiting for check-in counters to open might become a thing of the past, with the new terminal introducing many self-service and automated options for procedures such as immigration clearance and baggage tagging. This should save a lot of time due to efficiency of technology and is a big plus for those that hate speaking to people!

Use of cool technology
The new Changi Airport terminal will supposedly be using facial recognition technology to verify the identity of passengers and reduces the need for manual identification by staff, which is what is happening now. How cool is that! We definitely can’t wait to try it out.

No Sky Train, Unfortunately
Terminal 4 will not have the inter-terminal train that allows us to travel in style and the comfort of aircon, but rather will use the traditional method of shuttle bus. However, these shuttle buses are guaranteed to have decent frequencies, even as good as those of the trains!

Heritage and Nature Design
The interior of the terminal will be mostly inspired by Singapore’s heritage, with Peranakan shop fronts, as well as the idea of us being a Green City! Natural lighting will be a common sight in the terminal along with lots of greenery. Looks like Singapore really takes these things seriously!

So there you have it, the important things that you need to know about the upcoming Changi Airport Terminal 4 before it is scheduled to open in around a year’s time. Are you excited? Because we know we are!

Top Image: Sorbis / Shutterstock.com


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