Everything You Need To Know About The Hong Kong Syndicate Stealing Luggage From Airport Buses


Do you fly in and out of Hong Kong often? You might want to read on.

Mid-air robberies are so news of yesteryear. If you haven’t already known, inbound flights to Hong Kong between 2015 and 2016 have seen more than HK$13 million worth of passenger property and cash being stolen from overhead luggage compartments.

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Count yourself lucky if you’re not yet a victim. But if you do take airport buses into the city or vice versa, just be on the lookout because there are now gangs of thieves coming up with ‘new’ ideas – stealing from airport buses instead.

Two real-life cases

According to South China Morning Post, a 25-year-old woman had her suitcase stolen from an airport bus she took on 6 December last year. Mind you, a total of items valued at about HK$4,000 (S$675) was lost.

Image: sg.news.yahoo.com

This incident also happened to a 51-year-old woman on 16 December the same year. She filed a report at Central Police Station, declaring contents of about HK$5,600 ($946) being stolen.

“There have been many, many cases involving travellers who have come off flights landing in Hong Kong and then taken airport buses into the city. Perhaps they feel the threat to their property drops once they are on the ground, but this is now not the case,” a senior police source said.

“The number and nature of such thefts – which would appear to involve a significant number of mainland culprits – suggest it is a very well organised, syndicated crime gang.”

How to not fall prey?

These robbers usually target passengers who leave their luggage on the lower level of a double-decker bus and then head to the upper deck to find a seat.

So it’s common sense NOT to leave your bags lying around without keeping an eye on it. Yup, it might be tiring to stand (if there isn’t a seat on the lower deck) throughout the bus journey but weigh the consequences.

Or if you don’t want to save yourself the trouble, just cab from, or to the airport. But I warn you first hor, it’s not THAT cheap.

It costs about HK$225-250 (S$38-40) for Kowloon-based destinations (up to 4 people) or HK$290-320 (S$49-54) for most Hong Kong Island destinations.

And in all honesty, this may happen anywhere in the world (not just Hong Kong) so stay vigilant when you’re overseas.

Or if you’re part of the syndicate or think of joining one, good luck to you because a conviction for theft carries a maximum jail term of 10 years while disorderly conduct carries a maximum penalty of 2 years in jail and a HK$50,000 (S$8450) fine.

Don’t be a fool, it’s not worth it.


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