Everything You Need To Know About The Huge Punggol Construction Site Fire In 60secs


Just yesterday, a fire broke out at a Punggol Construction Site and 2 workers were trapped in a gondola. The fire happened at a half-completed building at the Global Indian International School, and the rest of the workers were evacuated and assembled at an emergency evacuation site.

Here are the other facts about the accident yesterday that you should know about. 

1. The fire took place in Punggol 

The fire took place at Hon Industries Pte Ltd’s worksite at Punggol Field, where the school is being constructed. The site was a half-completed building at the Global Indian International School.

2. 2 workers were trapped in a gondola

At the time of the fire, 2 workers were trapped in a gondola. They have since been safely rescued and brought to Changi General Hospital for observation for smoke inhalation. 

The two men are Chinese nationals, Xing Rui Jie and Ma Guo Zhong.

3. The fire-fighting efforts took around an hour


At 4:30 pm, SCDF was alerted to the fire and they managed to put it out completely by 5:30 pm. In a Facebook post by SCDF, the fire engulfed an area of approximately 30 metres by 50 metres and took 4 water jets to put out. 

According to a passerby, a black column of smoke could be seen in the sky when the fire broke out, and it was twice the height of the site.

4. Most of the SDCF involved were National Servicemen

In a Facebook post by Minister Teo Chee Hean, he thanked the SCDF for their swift efforts even though they had to deal with another fire at Changi Airport Terminal 2. He also mentioned that half of the SCDF present were National Servicemen. 

Good job, guys!

5. Motorists were advised to take an alternative route

The police advised motorists to avoid the area or take alternate routes as the left and centre lanes along Punggol East Road (towards Tebing Lane) were closed. 

As of now, the reason of the fire has not been disclosed. 

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