Everything you need to know about the Pokemon café that is making its way to S’pore


Are you a lover of everything Pokemon? Maybe your dream, when you were just a young girl or boy, was to be the world best Pokemon trainer in the world.

Guess what, if you are a fan of Pokemon and you can’t afford to pay for a ticket to Japan and catch yourself some Pokemon, hear this: Pokemon is making its way to you instead! We thought nothing could top the news of a Pompompurin cafe opening here in Singapore, but this came really close, no?

Here’s what you have to know!

What’s the Pokemon Cafe?
PARCO said that this is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia where Pokemon is brought in to take over (or “evolve) a place into a Pokemon cafe for a period of time. Shibuya’s Pokemon cafe proved to be a huge success from January to March of this year.

Where can you find this cafe?
PARCO has announced that Pokemon will be taking over Everything With Fries (EWF) @ Bugis Junction, #04-05,  from 27 May to 31 July 2016.

Image: channelnewsasia.com
Image: channelnewsasia.com

What can you expect from this cafe?
It was announced that there will be 12 food items on the menu, and plenty of Pokemon merchandise for us Pokemon fanatics to purchase and bring home.

Pikachu mascot
Annndd, if you’re lucky enough, you might just see a Pikachu pop by to see how things are going on in the cafe. Sadly, you can’t bring that Pikachu home.

What you can do is to take a picture with Pikachu, upload it to social media with the caption: I feel like Ash Ketchum and I’m gonna catch them all! Now, wouldn’t that be so damn cool?


Top Image: enchanted_fairy / Shutterstock.com


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