Everything About Quan Yifong’s Hospitalization After a Bug’s Bite

With CNY just two days later, everyone in Goody Feed is scrambling to finish up our work so that we can enjoy CNY to our hearts’ content.

I’m sure this is what everyone else is doing too, no matter what your job is.

Be it a student or a working adult, everyone only have one goal in mind.

But sometimes plans fail.

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Local celebrity Quan Yifong was trying to finish up her work before CNY.

But things turned nasty, when she had to be hospitalised.

Here’s what happened:

Quan posted a few photos of her swollen right leg on her Facebook page on Friday night (Feb 9).

In her post, Quan wrote that her limb had swollen to the point that it resembled that of an elephant’s.

She was having an outdoors shoot in Singapore a few days ago. She could have been bitten then, but she didn’t feel anything.

When she woke up the next day, she found a blister.

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After some medication, the blister burst and it didn’t hurt.

The following day, her right leg was weak and the wound started to swell.

She continued with her filming.

It got worse

She continued with her work until Friday when it got worse.

She was picking up her family members from the airport when her right leg became so weak she couldn’t walk.

At the advice of good friend Addy Lee, she checked into a hospital, according to Stomp.

She was unable to walk and had to use a wheelchair.

She added that she didn’t even need one when she gave birth.

Quan later consulted an orthopedist and found out that her wound was infected.

The doctor confirmed that the wound was caused by a bug bite.


There was also pus from the inflammation, and she had to undergo a surgery to remove it.

The doctors had bored a hole in her wound to drain the pus, said Quan.

The hole was about the size of a dollar coin and was quite deep.

The infection had reached near her bone and the area of swelling was about 10cm wide.

Returning to work

Just yesterday, Quan updated her Facebook to thank everyone for worrying about her.

After being in a coma for a day from all the medications, she is recovering well.

But here’s something that isn’t revealed: what bug could have caused such a wound? The shocking thing is that she could have been bitten right here in Singapore.

Nevertheless, it could have been an allergy, but we’re glad she is okay now. Here’s a simple guide on what you should do should you be bitten by a bug (not including mosquitoes, of course):

  • Remove the stinger if there’s one
  • Watch it with mild soap and water

And if required, please seek medical attention.

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