Ex-CEO of Prive Group Who Hit Boy Sentenced to MTO Instead of Imprisonment


Vu Han Jean-Luc Kha, 44, might have punched a boy three years ago, but till today his actions are still extremely horrifying to hear about, considering he did it for no reason.

On Tuesday (29 Mar), the former CEO of The Prive Group was sentenced to 12 months of mandatory treatment for verbally and physically assaulting a 13-year-old boy.

The Assault

On 22 November 2019, the victim and his then 12-year-old brother were in a lift in Parklane Shopping Mall in Selegie at around 8.15pm when an intoxicated Kha and another man, then 41, joined the boys.

Kha directed inappropriate comments at the victim, causing him to feel alarmed.

Then for no apparent reason, Kha punched the victim on the left temple, causing him to fall backwards and slam his left upper arm on the elevator’s handrails.

He then hurled vulgarities at the victim, who grabbed Kha’s hands to prevent him from hitting him again.

Kha exclaimed, “You want to challenge me? Why do you want to challenge me?”


The other man held Kha back and pushed him out of the lift after it stopped on the first storey. However, Kha refused to leave and slapped the victim on the left cheek.

A man who saw the attack detained Kha and the other man and called the police.

The victim suffered injuries, including a bruised temple.

But the worst of it all was the psychological damage he suffered, causing him to fear taking a lift even a year after the incident. He also experienced flashbacks of the attack and had difficulties sleeping.


Report to Assess Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Previously, a report had been called to assess whether Kha would be suitable for mandatory treatment for bipolar disorder.

On 2 March, a district judge called for the report after a psychiatric report from the defence showed that his bipolar disease might have had a contributory link to his offences.

Offenders given a mandatory treatment order (MTO) will undergo treatment for their mental conditions in lieu of jail time.

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Sentenced to MTO

On Tuesday, Kha was sentenced to 12 months of mandatory treatment.

Kha’s lawyer Teh Ee-von told the court, “My client was in a manic episode at the time and he was not consciously aware (the victim) was a minor. He did not single out the victim because he was a minor.”

District Judge Lim Tse Haw reminded Kha of the consequences of breaching the MTO, which include revocation.

The judge noted that the suitability report, prepared by a psychiatrist from the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), stated that Kha suffers from bipolar disorder, a treatable mental illness. The report also said Kha has since been responding well to treatment.

He called the offences “deplorable”, noting Kha’s unprovoked attack against a vulnerable and young victim.

However, Judge Lim said he was of the view that the offences “are not too heinous to rule out rehabilitation” since it is possible there was a contributory link between Kha’s bipolar disorder and his offending behaviour.

For assault, Kha could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000.


For harassment, an offender can be jailed for up to six months and fined up to $5,000.

Some might see Kha as escaping the more severe punishment of imprisonment, but the real victim of it all is the young boy who will have to live with the trauma caused by Kha’s actions.

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