Ex-Mediacorp Actress Kate Pang Finds Mouldy Bread At Coffee Shop

When I was in primary school, I bought a chocolate cake from one of the stalls at the canteen.

I was enjoying my cake until I saw white traces of mould.

I spat out everything in disgust and threw the cake away afterwards.

Never bought any cakes from there afterwards, by the way.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one who has experienced this before.

Ex-Mediacorp actress, Kate Pang, recently took to Instagram to share her experience.

Mouldy Bread Found At Coffee Shop 

Kate Pang had brought her son and daughter to an unnamed coffee shop on 6 September 2019.

Image: Facebook (Kate Pang)

She ordered a traditional breakfast set which consists of toast and soft-boiled eggs, a very Singaporean breakfast.

She only noticed traces of mould on her daughter’s toast after five minutes into eating.

By then, her daughter had already finished half the toast.

Image: Instagram (@katepang311)

Pang felt bad for not checking beforehand.

Coffee Shop Boss Apologised And Offered A Refund 

After her husband, actor Andie Chen took the mouldy bread to the manager, he apologised immediately and offered to give them new slices of bread.

However, Pang rejected the offer as she was afraid that it might be from the same batch of bread.

The couple also declined the offer for a refund as they just wanted to ensure he was aware of it.

No Terrible Consequences

Kate Pang told Zaobao that fortunately, her children are fine and did not suffer from any stomach discomfort.

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Heng ah. 

Should You Discard Food With Mould?

I know what you’re thinking: Of course la, unless you went to die.

Before you sprint for the nearest trash can, according to Healthline, some food can still be salvaged if the mould is cut off.

Food that can still be used includes—firm fruits and vegetables, hard cheese and hard salami and dry-cured country hams.

At least 1 inch (2.5cm) should be cut around and below the mould.

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However, if you find mould on soft fruits and vegetables, soft cheese, bread and baked goods, cooked food, jam and jellies, peanut butter, legumes and nuts, deli meats, bacon, hot dogs and yoghurt and sour cream, it is advisable for you to throw it away.

But seriously, unless your name is Robinson Crusoe and you’re stuck on an island with nothing but mouldy food, just throw them away.

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