Ex-Ritz Carlton Chef Opens Stall At Beauty World Food Centre With Food Like Cornflake Chicken & Flambe Steak


Last Updated on 2020-02-17 , 8:53 pm

Singaporeans are always on the lookout for good deals. Especially good food deals. What if I was to tell you that somewhere in the Beauty World Food Centre lies a food stall that serves really good food at cheap prices?

Meet BIG BOY’S Sizzling Western Hot-Plate

Even the name sends chills down your spine.

It’s not just for big boys, it’s not just western, it’s a hot plate too. That’s like the best of three worlds all mashed up into one.

GIF: Tenor.com

And according to EatBook, the chef used to work at Ritz-Carlton as a commis chef and ran a few cafes before.

Restaurant Level Food At Food Stall Prices

For avid steak eaters, you’ll be stoked to know that they flambe the steak, giving it a smoky flavour.

By the way, we promised affordable. So here we go: this beautiful piece of art only costs $9.90.

Cornflake Chicken

Now, if you don’t eat beef due to personal preference or religious reasons, don’t feel left out.

Their signature Cornflake Chicken goes for only $7.90.

According to @notti.kitty who tried their cornflake chicken, it’s crispy, juicy and flavourful. So flavourful that the “tomato sauce/chilli sauce was left untouched”.

And it seems like this dish comes well-recommended by customers.

Image: Facebook

Most Expensive Item At $13.90

Take a look at their full menu:

Image: Big Boy’s Sizzling Western Hot-Plate

Most of the items fall under $10, except for their mix grill platter and Australian Sirloin Steak which comes in at $13.90.


And it’s not just meat.

They have a wide variety of pasta to get your carbs fix.

Image: Big Boy’s Sizzling Western Hot-Plate
Image: Big Boy’s Sizzling Western Hot-Plate

The pasta, of course, falls well-within the less-than-ten-bucks category.

Plus, you can always get the best of both worlds by adding meat to your pasta.


Really Good Mentaiko Fries

Now, if you’re like my colleague BuffLord95 whose only obstacle to his ManHunk body is mentaiko, you’re probably going to want to try out their mentaiko fries.


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Big boys sizzling hot plate After @eatbooksg launched our Double Batter Mentaiko Fries . We have many good review that our fries are ✓super crispy ✓super unique ✓super tasty By real customer : ✓ I tabao the fries reach back home at Ang mo kio still crispy ✓ Mentaiko very balance some places mayo so much ✓ the seasoning very tasty Mentaiko Fries 😋 100% real Mentaiko Sell at only $4.90 P.s we have launched Mentaiko Salmon with Mentaiko Pasta Beauty world centre #04-25 ( Very corner stall near famous Japanese Ramee stall ) #foodinsing #onthetable #sghawker #whati8today #sgigfoodies #igsg #instafood #tag #fries🍟 #sgeat #blackpeppersauce #rubbisheatrubbishgrow #onthetable #mentaiko

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It’s crispy, tasty, and the mentaiko sauce is perfectly balanced according to BBSizzling’s customer review.

Plus, it’s $4.90.

The Details:

  • Address: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #04-25, Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177
  • Opening Hours: 11:30 am to 8:30 pm, daily

Don’t visit them today, though.


They’ll only reopen on 20 June 2019 as they’ve been on break for the past 2 days: 18 & 19 June 2019.

And make sure to bring a portable fan (according to EatBook) cuz while the food’s good, the place’s hot.