What Exactly is 拜太岁? Here’re the Beliefs


Last Updated on 2023-01-28 , 10:23 am

Some of us have heard of 拜太岁 during Chinese New Year. For some of us, our parents might have told you that you’re required to do it this year. However, do you really know what 拜太岁 is?

If you google for 拜太岁, the literal translation that will be given to you is “worship of the yearly emperor”. To simplify things, it is actually to remove the evil in our lives, which is supposed to be done on the eighth day of Chinese New Year.

The way to worship is actually derived from an ancient astrological process, which is much more simple to do in modern days.

To  拜太岁, here are some of the steps you must follow:

  1. The worship must happen on the eighth day of Chinese New Year, preferably in the late morning or early noon. Otherwise, you could seek advice from a master to pick out your most auspicious time.
  2. Before the worship, you will have to shower as a form of purification to show respect and sincerity.
  3. During the worship, face the south of your room with the statue of 太岁.
  4. Burn the 太岁 amulet and let the remains flow with water.

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Why do we worship 太岁?

If an individual’s zodiac sign is the same as the zodiac sign of a particular year, it is called 犯太岁, which means that the person will face many troubles and problems throughout the year, whether it about his health or career.

Thus, it is important to resolve this by wearing an amulet or a certain charm. If it is convenient, it is also recommended to pray at the temple to resolve whatever difficulty the person is going to face.

To worship 太岁, we can also divide it into 3 different categories:

1. Visit a large temple

Purchase a 太岁衣 and write down your name, age and birthday on it. Offer joss sticks to the “leader” of all the 太岁, the 太岁 of that year, the 太岁 of the year you are born in and finally the rest of the 太岁. Burn the 太岁衣 at the end.

2. Visit a smaller temple

Buy a 寿金 from the temple, according to your age. Write your name and birthday on it. Pray to the 太岁 in the temple and place your 寿金 below the 太岁 of the year you are born in. Burn your 太岁衣 at the end.

3. At home

You can also worship at home by writing your name and birthday on a piece of paper and place it under the statue of the god you worship at home. Worship with sincerity and burn the 太岁衣 at the end.

As long as you have sincerity, it is fine no matter where your worship takes place.

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