EZ-Link Vending Machine in Westgate Has Pikachu & Hello Kitty EZ-Charms


The recent craze of the McDonald’s Pikachu carrier just proves how much Singaporeans love them. In the past years, McDonald’s also sold Hello Kitty merchandise, which many Singaporeans were also crazy for.

Apart from the Carousell scalpers who attempted to sell them at $100 per piece of course.

If you are a slow poke and did not get any collectables from McDonald’s, where else can you get them from?

This EZ-Link vending machine.

EZ-Link Vending Machine Has EZ-Charm of Pikachu & Hello Kitty

This vending machine, found by Facebook Page Singapore Atrium Sale, is located at Westgate, outside Sephora.

Some items you can find include a cute Pokemon EZ-Link charm for $26.90 and a Hello Kitty charm for $29.90.

Sorry Pokemon, does the $3 difference in price mean that Hello Kitty is more famous than you?

How to Make an EZ-Link Vending Machine Purchase 

In case you live under the rock and are unsure of how to use the vending machine, these steps are for you.

Firstly, select the item you want to purchase. Next, select the purchase button.

If you got lobang for a promotion code, key it in the “promo code” section.

Then, choose the preferred payment method. After you are done, collect your item within 60 seconds or else the door will be locked.

I mean, who would even leave their item in the machine for 60 seconds?

Additionally, do note that only one product will be dispensed with each transaction.

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Featured Image: Facebook.com (Singapore Atrium Sale)