It’s Alleged That 3 Members of F4 Were CGI-ed In on F4 Reunion

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When it was announced that Meteor Garden’s F4 will, once again, be reuniting on the same stage, fans were evidently stoked.

“Omgahhh,” they probably went.

But then the promotional photo dropped, and expectations took a slight dip.

After all, it’s one thing to see the F4 reunite in their heyday, and quite another to see them reunite during a phase that some Netizens have deemed ‘Unclehood’.

Image: Weibo

In comparison, here’s the quartet in their heyday:

Image: Pinterest

Save for Jerry Yan and perhaps Vanness Wu, it’s safe to say that the members did not age gracefully.

Or at least, that’s the consensus Netizens have seemingly come to.

“F4?” one commented.

“Well, it probably stands for Fat 4 now.”

It’s Alleged That 3 Members of F4 Were CGI-ed In on F4 Reunion

Yet even so, Netizens remained hyped for the popular Taiwanese boyband’s performance.

But it appears that they were in for another disappointment.

Prior to the mini-concert on Jiangsu TV’s 1001 Night Festival, the TV station had teased that the boyband would be singing two songs: ‘Meteor Rain’ and ‘Di Yi Shi Jian’.

But when the quartet ‘turned up’ for the performance, everyone – including those at the venue and the fans tuning in via live stream – noticed something a little off about the whole segment.

“Is it just me, or does everyone apart from Vanness look a bit 2D?” one netizen wrote.

And another concurred.


And the ‘truth’ was soon unveiled.

Image: PBE Media

Yes folks, there was only one member on stage.

Everyone else, on the other hand, appear to have been CGI-ed in.

You can watch it here to determine how true that is:

And Netizens Ran Amok

Fans expected to see the quartet as a whole, and so some could not contain their anger when they learnt of the truth.


“I cancelled all my plans for this?” one netizen wrote. “Isn’t this false advertising? They called it a reunion, but how is it a reunion if the other three were edited in? They were probably having dinner while Vanness was standing alone on that huge stage!”

However, some stated that there may be a reason behind the boyband’s “absence”, with the COVID-19 pandemic surmised to be the main obstacle in question.

As a result of the epidemic, the ‘F3’ may have found it hard to get to the mainland.

One Netizen even explained that Yan and Ken Chu were in Taiwan at the time, while Vic Chou was celebrating his wife’s birthday.

However, it was not confirmed.

Image: Twitter

And though the disappointment was real, one has chosen to take it in his/her stride.

“At least I know they don’t hate each other. Maybe one day, when the pandemic is over, we can have them stand on the same stage at the same time to sing for us again.”

Meteor Garden’s F4

For those unaware, Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu and Vic Chou first shot to stardom with the drama series Meteor Garden in 2001.

They would later go on to form a boyband for real, and release three albums: Meteor Rain in 2001, Fantasy 4ever in 2002 and Waiting For You in 2007.

But now, only people born before the 90s would know about them.


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