How to Resize a Normal Face Mask to a Kid’s Mask in 1 Min

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By now, everyone on the streets looks a tad better and 20 years younger since everyone’s masked up.

For us adults, wearing a mask isn’t an issue—just put it on and ta-da: everything’s fine.

Unless you’re Nas Daily lah, who claimed that he hadn’t put on a mask properly because his nose is too big:

Image: Facebook (Nas Daily)

But it’d be different for kids.

Anyone above 2 years old would need to wear a mask in public, and while the authorities can’t send a 3-year-old kid to jail for 6 months or fine the poor child $300, they can take action against his or her parents or guardians.

For kids, there are masks made for them, like this:

Image: Qoo10

But with many of them staying at home, it’d be a waste to buy a box just to use it once in a while.

Which is why you should watch this video in its entirety.

Video Shows How to Resize Normal Face Masks to Kids’ Masks in 1 Min

There are a few videos showing how to alter a normal mask to a kid’s mask, and all of them use the same manner: fold the sides of the mask, tie the straps and you’d be able to adjust the size of the mask easily.

Step 1:

Image: YouTube (Craft ideas)

Fold the mask—you can fold it as much as you want and not to your desired size as the goal is merely to adjust the straps. But folding it once would usually suffice.

Step 2:

Image: YouTube (Craft ideas)

Tie a knot on the straps. Don’t worry, you can do it in any knot as long as it’s secure. It must be a dead knot so don’t think of tying it like you’re tying your shoelaces.

Step 3:

Image: YouTube (Craft ideas)


“Open up” the mask—it should protrude out more than usual as what you’ve done is to essentially create more space between the mouth and the mask.

From then on, you can adjust it accordingly.



You can watch the video here:


Here’s another example with the exact same manner, and this time, it’s more for someone whose head is small instead of a kid.

Image: Reddit

To learn how to wear a mask correctly, check out this article.

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