New Facebook Scam Alert: Cheap “Suitcases from SIA” Are Fake


Another day, another scam alert.

It seems that scammers are becoming more creative in their efforts to deceive innocent individuals and take their money. 

This time, they’re using a phishing scam involving Singapore Airlines, Singapore’s well-known airline.

According to The Business Times, the police issued a warning on Thursday (7 December 2023) about a new phishing scam on Facebook. 

In this scam, fake advertisements or posts claiming to be from Singapore Airlines Travel, offering suitcases for just $4. These posts use the SIA logo as their profile picture to appear more legitimate.

Phishing Scam Has 14 Victims

According to The Straits Times, the police have reported that 14 individuals have fallen victim to the phishing scam selling inexpensive suitcases since November. 

The police issued a warning about fraudulent advertisements and posts on Facebook.

The victims collectively lost a minimum of $799, as stated by the police in an announcement on 7 December.

In several instances, victims encountered Facebook advertisements or posts offering travel suitcases for as little as $4, supposedly from Singapore Airlines Travel. 

Image: Singapore Police Force

They clicked on these counterfeit advertisements with the intention of purchasing a suitcase. 

Image: Singapore Police Force

However, they were directed to a phishing website where they were prompted to provide personal information, including their names and credit card details.

As a result, scammers misused the victims’ credit card information. 

The victims only realised they had been scammed when they either discovered unauthorised transactions on their cards or received notifications about them.

Police Encourages the Public to Install ScamShield Application

The police have since offered guidance to the public to protect themselves from scams following the recent phishing scam. 

They recommend Singaporeans install the ScamShield application and activate key security features such as two-factor authentication and transaction limits for Internet banking transactions. 

Furthermore, individuals can utilise the ScamShield WhatsApp bot to spot potential scam signs or, reach out to the Anti-Scam Helpline at 1800-722-6688, or visit for assistance. 


The police said that when in doubt, it’s crucial not to share personal information or payment card details with anyone. 

The public is encouraged to inform authorities, family, and friends about scams and to promptly report any suspicious transactions to their banks.

Singapore Airlines Responds to Phishing Scam

In response to inquiries from The Business Times, a spokesperson from Singapore Airlines acknowledged that they are aware of the Facebook account under the name Singapore Airlines Travel, which was impersonating the airline and generating fraudulent advertisements. 

The Facebook page has since been taken down.

Netizens React to Scam, “Too Good to Be True”

Following the phishing scam, a Reddit thread has emerged where numerous users are discussing the situation.


One user pointed out the well-known adage that when something appears “too good to be true”, it usually isn’t. 

Image: Reddit

With Singapore’s high cost of living, it can be rare to find things that cost as little as $4. Even a bottle of Evian water at 7-Eleven costs as much as the advertised “$4 luggage”.

Image: Reddit

Meanwhile, another user commented on the questionable quality of such a low-priced suitcase. He emphasised that even if someone is seeking a budget-friendly option, a quick search on Shopee typically reveals prices from $20 to $80. 

He argued that no one would want a fragile suitcase that falls apart with just a single t-shirt inside.

What’s your take? Will you ever purchase a $4 luggage?