Woman With Facial Mask Suddenly Harassed Livestreaming Couple & Kicked Their Food at Buona Vista


Food delivery rider Clarence Kang and his wife Angelica Mendoza were merely sitting at the side of a covered pedestrian walkway outside Buona Vista MRT station, chatting with their Twitch chat about games when something odd happened.

Or well, it was more like someone odd came up to them.

The whole incident was captured live, and the video recording of their 14-hour-long stream was subsequently listed on their Twitch channel.

The Bizarre Series of Events

At around the 12:28:28 mark, a woman clad in a pale pink shirt, denim shorts, and black slippers, plus a face mask hanging off her face droopily, approaches them from the back, saying, “Actually you’re not supposed to do this here.”

When Mr Kang asks her what they’re not allowed to do, she responds by saying that they’re not supposed to be streaming.

“Switch off the camera before I call the police,” the woman threatened twice.

Unfazed by her threat, the couple tells her to go ahead and call the police. They’ve been streaming regularly in Singapore, and this is probably the first time they were told off.

They take the random encounter in their stride, countering her harsh words with humour, “Go ahead, madam. Thank you ah. Have a nice day.”

Except his words are cut off as the woman shoots back, “Don’t call me madam. I will kick you.”

She steps closer to the couple, like she’s really promising violence.

“Do you want me to kick you in the a**?”


“I thought you want to call the police and now you want to kick me?” The 39-year-old man asks in disbelief.

The woman ignores his question as she walks closer to presumably inspect them. She continues to chide at the couple, telling them that they’re not supposed to be eating or smoking in this area either. 

She steps over their seated position to stand in front of their food as they ask her what she’s doing, now looking more concerned than before.

Then she kicks all of their food, spilling the drink all over the floor.

Image: twitch.tv (3wh33ler)

Mr Kang retaliates first by throwing a bag at her, with Ms Mendoza getting to her feet to hit the woman in the back. It also makes the woman turn around to face them again.

“You want me to call the police?” Ms Mendoza says, “Why did you kick our food? You don’t act siao, siao (crazy).”

Once the couple turns confrontational, the middle-aged woman goes quiet, even as they dial 999 to lodge a police complaint. 

It’s a little creepy, since she doesn’t take her eyes off them and just… stares.

Image: twitch.tv (3wh33ler)

While they’re waiting for the police to arrive, Mr Kang tries to put some distance between himself and the woman, mostly wary since they don’t know what she might do next and they’re already questioning her sanity.

A Malay passer-by notices them and asks what happened as Mr Kang is still avoiding the woman, who has apparently thrown her shoes aside at this point 


The Malay woman intercepts the middle-aged woman, pushing her away from Mr Kang.  

Suddenly, at around 12:38:35 of the stream video, she starts screaming shrilly as she curls up on the ground, while the Malay passer-by maintains her grip on her.

Afterwards, she lies on the ground and breaks out into a song in Mandarin.

Image: twitch.tv (3wh33ler)

At the 12:46:02 mark, a female police officer finally arrives to ask what happened.

The stream cuts off briefly, to show respect to the police authority. 

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The Aftermath

When The New Paper (TNP) made an enquiry, the police confirmed that they received a call for assistance at 100 North Buona Vista Road on 28 June, around 10:58pm.


The 41-year-old woman was apprehended under Section 7(1) of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act 2008.

TNP also reached out to the couple later on.

Ms Mendoza recounted feeling “so scared” when the woman suddenly approached them and threatened to kick her husband. She was fearful that a fight would break out.

She was also grateful to the passer-by that came up to help them.

The 37-year-old wife elaborated that the food was special to them as it was partially paid for by their Twitch community, and the milk tea was a special order from one of their viewers from Malaysia.


To witness their meal being kicked to waste, for no rhyme or reason, certainly leaves a bad taste in their mouth.

Hopefully though, the woman can receive the help she needs.

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Featured Image: Twitch.tv (3wh33ler)