Woman Injured After Glass Door Fell on Her in Siloso Beach Resort


A lot of blood sweat and tears goes into planning celebrations, even if it’s just a small staycation for a twelve-year-old daughter.

For Ms Suziyana Hamid, she could never expect that the glass shower door would fall onto her, shattering and cutting into her flesh on impact.

What Happened?

The incident took place at Siloso Beach Resort, Sentosa, on 16 June.

It was 4:30am, well after a day of celebration to mark her daughter’s 12th birthday.

According to Ms Suziyana, the glass door came off its hinge as she pulled it open.

Like horror movies, the worst part about hiding or being in shower cubicles is that there’s nowhere you can run or move to when the door ends up in smithereens.

In order to protect herself, she held her arm up as the glass door slammed into her and shattered.


The resulting shards cut her on the arms, hands, chest and scalp.

Although Ms Suziyana didn’t provide any images of herself after the accident to The Straits Times, the blood staining the floor mat and basin, alongside the mess of shattered glass, paints a horrifying image.  

The commotion must have drawn her daughter’s attention as she came into the bathroom soon after, shocked to see her mother in such a state and tried to console her.

When Ms Suziyana’s daughter saw her mother crying, she said, “Ibu (mother), it’s okay, you’re okay.”


The 41-year-old mother was later taken to the hospital, where the doctors and nurses picked the glass shards with tweezers.

She was given two days of medical leave.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) affirmed that they were alerted to the accident at Siloso Beach Resort around 4:30am on 16 June, and brought the patient to Singapore General Hospital.

Hotel Is Looking Into the Situation But Remains Unresponsive

When The Straits Times reached out the Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) for a statement, as the company is the hotel landlord and manages the resort island, they stated that they are taking the matter very seriously and looking into it.

From their e-mail correspondence, it was written that SDC representatives had visited the hotel room while Ms Suziyana was in hospital receiving medical treatment.

The hotel, however, declined to comment.

After the incident, it was Ms Suziyana’s husband, Reduan Nordin, who works in the construction sector and also at the hotel, who called the front desk for help after contacting the SCDF.

Shortly thereafter, a staff member delivered bandages to their hotel room.

Ms Suziyana also remarked that the hotel hasn’t contacted them since she was discharged from the hospital.

As far as The Straits Times is aware, the police won’t be investigating the matter. 

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Why Did The Glass Door Break?

There are several reasons why tempered glass, which is often used in bathrooms, might shatter.

According to Mr Victor Sia, a research and development engineer at SG Glass, the inclusion of nickel sulphide could have caused the glass to break even without impact.

Besides that, the door could have shattered because the hinges were exerting high mechanical stress on the material.

Readers: Why use tempered glass then?

As a matter of fact, tempered glass is much safer and sturdier than normal glass in terms of impact and safety levels.

Normal glass is more likely to break into large shards, which pose a higher possibility of causing injury.


On the other hand, tempered glass fractures into smaller and relatively harmless pieces with lesser sharp edges. Plus, it breaks evenly throughout the entire sheeting, which can help prevent further injury.

It is also stronger and impact/scratch resistant due to its annealing process, since the glass is allowed to cool slowly.

Image: glass-product.com

Should you find yourself in the same situation, you should try to evade the falling glass.

Please do not try and stop its fall.

Between you and gravity, the latter is bound to win.


If the hinges didn’t manage to hold the glass door in place, it will fall, no matter how hard you try to stop it. 

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