Change Your IC at 30: Mandatory NRIC Re-registration Explained

Last Updated on 2024-05-07 , 1:23 pm

Does the photo on your Identity Card (IC) still bear resemblance to you, or does the carefree 15-year-old on it feel like a distant memory?

The IC is probably the first significant card you received as a youngster, marking several milestones in your life, from your inaugural NC16 movie to your initial foray into clubbing.

Now, as a fully-grown adult, it’s time for the “Change IC at 30” step.

This article serves as a public service announcement by Goody Feed, aiming to inform you about the essential process of changing your IC once you hit the age of 30, a requirement in accordance with Regulation 14 of the National Registration Regulations (Chapter 201, Section 19).

The Requirement to Re-register IC at 30

Once you step into your thirties, you might not be using your IC as often, unless you’ve been blessed with youthful looks.

Yet, despite the reduced usage, it is crucial to note that you must re-register your IC within one year of turning 30.

Don’t Neglect the Failure to Register IC at 30

Now, you might be pondering over the consequences of not adhering to this regulation. Failure to follow through could lead to an offense in Singapore.

If found guilty, you could be subjected to a fine of up to $5,000, or even a jail term up to five years, or both.

Don’t fret about forgetting this crucial task; the ICA sends you a letter as a reminder to re-register your IC.

NRIC 30 years old Change is a Must

We’re here to stress the importance of complying with this requirement.

Changing your NRIC at 30 years old isn’t optional; it’s mandatory. So, be a responsible citizen and complete this task promptly.

The Rule to Register IC at 55

While we’re on the subject, remember to remind your parents about the similar rule that applies to them.

They need to re-register their NRIC again when they turn 55 years old.

In case you need additional information or have more questions about this process, you can click here.

Upgraded Security Measures: Iris Scan for NRIC

One last point to note is the addition of the iris scan for your NRIC. This upgrade, in place since 2017, enhances the verification process at checkpoints, bringing a slight touch of secret-agent thrill to your everyday life.

To know more about NRIC, watch this video to the end: