From Today (23 Apr), There Will be NTUC FairPrice Vans That Sell Daily Essentials at Various Car Parks

Supermarkets have become something of a warzone in recent months.

People have been fighting over toilet paper, abandoning unwanted items, and even abusing cashiers.

But that’s not the only reason to avoid these places, of course.

With the circuit breaker measures in place, everyone is advised to stay at home, and while we can still go out for essential trips like buying groceries, everyone would rather avoid crowded places at the moment.

That’s why Fairprice is now bringing their goods to you.

Reader: You mean like a delivery service? 

Uh, not exactly.

Reader: When would you guys be POFMA-ed ah?

There Will be NTUC FairPrice Vans That Sell Daily Essentials at Various Car Parks

From today (23 April), NTUC Fairprice will station vans at five locations to allow residents to buy essentials without having to travel too far from home.

Image: NTUC Fairprice

“Fairprice on Wheels” will be available at Commonwealth Link, Telok Blangah Crescent, Telok Blangah Rise, Kampong Glam Community Club, and Jalan Kukoh, from 9am to 2pm daily.

*shady man walks up to Fairprice van*

Shady Man: Yo man, you got the… stuff?

Shady Driver: Depends bro, you got the cash?

Shady Man: Yup. *discreetly hands cash*

Shady Driver: Ok… *hands over 12 eggs*

According to CNA, the van will essential items like rice, eggs, milk, cooking oil, bread, fruit, vegetables, and, of course, toiletries.

Image: NTUC

Only cash payments will be accepted, and the same purchase limits apply.

Sounds familiar? Yes, it’s like the Ninja Vans we have in NS.

Reader Bao: Ninja Van delivers to army camp?

Pretty sure Reader Bao didn’t serve his NS in the army.

Problems With Delivery

Reader: But can’t they just, you know, order it online and get it delivered?

Well, that’s a good question but you’re forgetting one thing, dear reader.

Reader: Not everyone is as lazy as I am?

Ok, two things then. Many seniors may not be as tech-savvy as we are, and they may find it difficult to navigate online delivery apps.

Plus, online delivery platforms like Redmart only have a limited number of slots, and once you miss them, you’ll have to wait a few days before you can order again.

And even if you manage to get a slot, you often have to wait days to get the items delivered.

That’s why people are continuing to head out to supermarkets despite the risk, and NTUC understands this.

“While we encourage everyone to stay home during the circuit breaker period, we also understand that there may be people who do not have the option to have their groceries purchased on their behalf,” said FairPrice Group CEO Seah Kian Peng.

“Therefore, we aim to bring daily essentials closer to their homes, especially for seniors, so that they do not have to spend too much time away from home.”

Image: NTUC Fairprice

According to FairPrice, demographic data showing locations where over 30 per cent of residents are seniors were used to determine the five locations.

Other factors such as the walking distance to the nearest supermarket were also taken into account.

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Surge In Orders Amidst Circuit Breaker

Like many F&B establishments, NTUC has been trying to cope with a surge in orders during the circuit breaker.

Are people eating more and experiencing more bowel movements because they’re indoors? Maybe.

Whatever the reason (panic buying), Fairprice is doing whatever it can to keep up, which is why they’re also trying out another new initiative that allows customers to pre-order groceries via WhatsApp, then pick them up at FairPrice Xpress stores at Esso petrol stations.

This is for residents who live near the petrol stations at East Coast, Upper Changi, Lorong Chuan, Jurong East and Yishun Avenue 9.

With the circuit breaker extended, orders will likely continue to flood in, and NTUC will have to come up with new ways to cope.

But for now, if delivery services aren’t doing it for you and you live in one of the five listed locations, you can buy the essentials you need without having to travel too far.