Ugly Hoarders Left Baskets of Products Alone After Seeing Long Queues

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Were you one of the hoarders who stockpiled on food from supermarkets yesterday?

Chances are, you are. Yesterday marks a new low in Singapore history as, for the first time in my life, I’ve seen how some people in Singapore would react when there’s a real disaster: everyone for themselves, because their lives matter more than my potato chips for Netflix.

I never knew watching Netflix without potato chips could be so jialat.

As mentioned in our article yesterday, there’s no need for you to be kiasu. Not only are you making my Netflix session less enjoyable, there might be some people who really need those food to survive the next day.

But even if you’re one of these hoarders, I hope you’re just a kiasu hoarder and not a selfish, inconsiderate dog hoarder.

Like these people who have left baskets of food around simply because the queue is too long.

Image: Facebook (Willy Tan)

Image: Facebook (Willy Tan)

Baskets of Products Most Probably from Inconsiderable People Who Decided Not to Queue

Actually, I did see a few trolleys in the NTUC FairPrice outlet I was in yesterday night. I’ve thought that they were just some hoarders’ baskets, and that they’d come back for it.

Well, a Facebook user, Willy Tan, thinks otherwise and it makes perfect sense.

Here’s his post that has got viral, with well over 8.1k shares in hours:

Lest you can’t read:

When people attempt to panic buy & then give up due to the long queues, they simply abandon their shopping baskets. This results in the perishables spoiling as they are not kept frozen/cold. Many edible stuff would have to be thrown away instead of being put back on the shelves. Workers – many of them are singaporean aunties – would have to work extra hard putting everything else back .

Such disgusting behaviour but so many Singaporeans still think of themselves on a high horse.

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It all makes sense, doesn’t it?

After all, the queues I’ve seen yesterday were crazy—and given that it was 12am when I was in the supermarket, there were merely two counters open since they’ve not expected that there would be a zombie-like-outbreak-style hoarding session.

Also, for reasons unknown, the self-check machines were all turned off.

According to media reports, supermarkets have restocked today but people are still hoarding products off the shelf.

I seriously don’t know what’s uglier now: the virus or the people.

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Can’t they just let me buy one pack of potato chips? Going through two days of Netflix without food is hell leh.