Inspiring Group of NTU Students Launch Campaign Against Fake News Targeting The Elderly

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With Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media sites, we are now more connected than ever. But that also means we are more susceptible to fake news.

Fake News Is Serious Business

Some people might think, fake news only mah. What’s the big deal? It actually has a serious impact on society.

Just look at the fake news about the Wuhan coronavirus going around right now. Or the poor food stall that had it’s business almost wiped out because of false allegations.

So, yes, while it could be created “just for fun”, has serious consequences.

Which is why a group of NTU students decide to get together to do something about it.

Sure Anot?

Sure Anot is a campaign launched against fake news, targeted at Singaporeans aged between 50 and 64 years old.

And it’s launched by a group of NTU students: Miss Vernette Didier Chia, 23, Miss Rachel Anne Chew, 23, Miss Kelley Lim, 23, and Miss Lee Yun Ting, 25.

the team of students behind the anti-fake news campaign
Image: Sure Anot

The campaign aims to get the elderly to perform a three-step routine every time they receive a piece of “news” on WhatsApp.

  1. Don’t forward first;
  2. Ask “Sure Anot”
  3. Check and verify

With these three steps, the group hope to curb the spread of fake news in Singapore.

Useful Tips On Sure Anot Facebook Page

A brief jaunt into Sure Anot’s Facebook page reveals a ton of useful information, not just for the elderly, but younger people as well.

For example:

what is fake news
Image: Facebook (Sure Anot)

Their Facebook feed also keeps track of the latest fake news happening in Singapore, such as the one about school closures.

And Sure Anot also has a WhatsApp Group where people can provide tip-offs to messages that they’re not sure is real or fake.


Anti-Fake News Roadshow at Jurong Point

Interested in bringing your parents down to the roadshow to learn something for themselves?

Or maybe, you’re keen to learn more?

Then you can head down to Jurong Point this weekend.

Image: Facebook (Sure Anot) 

The event is happening at Jurong Point from 13 Feb to 16 Feb 2020 (Thur-Sun) from 11am to 9pm.


Inspiring Anot?

Well, I don’t know about you.

But the fact that these university students, despite being at the age where most would rather have fun, are willing to spare personal time to do something good for society?

Image: Tenor

Yeah, very inspiring lah.

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