Ungrateful Family Member Accuses Chinese Security Guard of Negligence After He Rescued Suicidal Girl

Imagine saving someone and getting criticised for your actions instead.

That is the reality of this Chinese security guard.

Though he rescued a suicidal girl from jumping off a building, the girl’s family criticised him for being negligent.

The Incident

The incident occurred in 2022.

According to mainland media reports, 28-year-old Qu Yan was a security guard at a hospital when the incident occurred.

When he was alerted that a girl was about to jump off the hospital’s fourth floor, he rushed to the scene.

He arrived at the hospital’s first floor, which was swamped with many onlookers.

The girl was sitting on the balcony.

Proper equipment like a jumping sheet had yet to be prepared.

Suddenly, the girl jumped.

The only thing on Qu Yan’s mind was saving the girl, resulting in him rushing forward with his arms outstretched.

Although he caught the girl successfully, he was seriously injured.

The impact of the girl’s fall caused him to lose consciousness.


Qu Yan found himself in the hospital when he woke up.

Upon examination, it was found that he had suffered multiple fractures in his arms, cervical spine and spine.

Unfortunately, his injuries may lead to paralysis.

His injuries may also cause him to be unable to stand up.

Fortunately, the girl he had rescued sustained less severe injuries.

She recovered and was discharged from the hospital soon after.

Scolded by Girl’s Family

Qu Yan’s family called the girl’s family, hoping she would visit him in the hospital.

However, his family was faced with an onslaught of ridicule instead.

In a video uploaded onto Bilibili, a Chinese video-sharing website, one of Qu Yan’s family members is seen calling an unspecified member of the girl’s family.

They said, “What have you done? Our child is like this now. My child is disabled. If anything happens to my child, you are also responsible. You must bear the responsibility for the rest of your life.”

Image: bilibili.com
Image: bilibili.com
Image: bilibili.com
Image: bilibili.com

The video cuts to show Qu Yan lying on a hospital bed in a neck brace.

Image: bilibili.com

According to Oriental Daily, he stopped receiving medication from the hospital because he had no money to pay for his medical expenses.

Furthermore, he was let go from his job as he had not been to work for many days.

In addition, the security company he worked for was unwilling to bear the weight of his medical bills.

Netizen Response

Many netizens criticised the girl’s family for being ungrateful.

According to HK01, one netizen said, “There are all kinds of people in the world now, but you still say such things after he saved your child.”

Others called the girl’s family’s behaviour “chilling” and “cruel”.

Still Some Hope

However, Qu Yan has some hope now.

Since various news media reported his plight, many have come forward to offer financial assistance to him and his family.

Despite the lack of gratitude and the severe injuries he has faced, Qu Yan said that he is grateful to those who have provided help.

He still does not regret saving the girl and believes there are still many good people in this world.

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Another Similar Incident

A similar incident occurred on 10 December 2017.

According to Chinese media reports, a security guard tried to catch a suicidal woman with his bare hands as she jumped off a building.

He was killed by the impact of her fall.

She had jumped from the 11th floor of the building.

43-year-old Li Guowu tried to catch her.

Unfortunately, both of them died.

According to Huashang Daily, he held out his arms to catch her.

However, he was knocked to the ground. 

He left behind a six-year-old daughter.

Why is it Dangerous to Catch a Falling Body?

Almost all falls from ten stories and beyond are fatal.

When someone falls off a building, their body will accelerate towards the ground until it reaches terminal velocity.

The impact is massive, and survivors of falls are usually left with major injuries or permanent disabilities.

That’s why catching a falling body is dangerous without the proper equipment.

Thus, firefighters use jumping sheets to allow people to jump from high levels to the ground safely.