First S’pore Fast-Food Outlet Selling Nasi Lemak Burger, Chicken Rice Burgers & More Has Opened

Lest you’re unaware, famous fast food chains A & W and Shake Shack are due to land in Singapore very, very soon, and naturally, people are in a frenzy over it.

“Omg, A & W! My childhood!”

“Shake Shack’s gonna be in Singapore soon?” *faints*

“I absolutely love A & W’s Hershey McFlurry!”

“Erm, that’s McDonald’s.”


But what those people might not know is that somewhere in Singapore, an equally interesting fast-food concept is taking place.

In fact, I would say that it’s even more interesting than your boring ol’ A & W and Shake Shack outlets (burns incominggg), seeing how this particular fast food concept…

Relies on innovative Hawker themed fast food, such as the Hainanese chicken rice burger, Nasi Lemak burger, roti prata wrap, chili crab bun and chendol softee.

Image: Giphy


If you love frequenting No Signboard Restaurant, you might be intrigued to know that No Signboard Holdings is the one behind the “Hawker” fast food concept.

No kidding. 

The establishment, that’s perhaps best known for its signature white pepper crab dish, opened its first “Hawker” outlet here on Wednesday (31 Oct) at the Esplanade. And in commemoration of its opening, the outlet even endeavoured to give away 50 free burgers every day from 1-5 Nov.

Image: Hawker QSR Facebook Page

But don’t rush down to the Esplanade just yet, cos I’m not done.

As mentioned above, thefast-foodd chain will dish up novelties such as the Hainanese chicken rice burger, chili crab bun & roti prata wrap. But hey, like everything else, you need to see it in order to believe it, so here are some high-quality pics (courtesy of TODAYonline) to act as your eye candy for the day.

You’re welcome.

Nasi Lemak burger:

Image: Facebook (Hawker QSR)

Roti prata wrap:

Image: Facebook (Hawker QSR)

Chili crab bun and more:

Image: Facebook (Hawker QSR)

Hungry? Because I’m hangry. Why am I here writing articles when I could be over at the Esplanade, gorging myself on these beauties?


Dominating Singapore

As sadistic as it sounds, that’s precisely what’s gonna happen, or at least if our innovative pal here Hawker gets its way.

With a second outlet due to open at the One@KentRidge mall at the end of November, and a third at mixed-use development Paya Lebar Quarter next year, Hawker has its eyes set far. And that’s not all.

According to Mr Eric Er, vice-president of Hawker QSR (a subsidiary of No Signboard Holdings), the company is aiming to open six to eight Hawker outlets islandwide by the end of next year; and is also currently in the process of obtaining a halal certificate license.

Plus, there are even plans to bring Hawker to China by the end of next year!

Image: Tenor

And if you’re the ‘lazy-buy-food’ prototype like me, you’ll be glad to know that you can start ordering ‘quirky’ burgers off your favourite food delivery services very soon. Like next week soon, actually.

But will there be new products in the future?

Because let’s face it; even the McSpicy gets stale if you eat it like 16,991 times in a row.

Thankfully, it seems that there are plans to introduce new items to the menu, though there’s “no hurry” to do so. Apparently, customers could be treated to a white pepper crab burger, roasted chicken rice burger, or even a briyani burger in the second half of next year.

Image: finding design

And it seems that like us, Mr Er thinks that Hawker will be a real hit too.

“There are a lot of fast food chains in Singapore – A&W and Shake Shack are coming back next year too. But their menus are mostly similar, more towards Western-style fast food,” he added. “Ours is Asian-flavoured. I think it’s a spot-on flavour that customers will really enjoy.”

Well no kidding, Mr Er.

Guess who’s gonna pop by for some free burgs over the weekend? 😉