Fan Bingbing Allegedly Earns More Money from Selling on Livestream Than Her Day Job

Fan Bingbing was the darling of the Chinese entertainment industry.

Image: Film Daily

For four years from 2014 to 2017, she was the highest-paid celebrity in the Forbes China Celebrity List.

Since My Fair Princess which shot her into fame back in 1998, she had starred in many successful films and tv shows, winning many awards throughout the years.

Unfortunately, that all came to an end when she was investigated and found guilty for tax evasion back in 2018.

She disappeared from the public’s eye for three months and came back apologising for her actions.

She and her studio were fined S$176 million for evading taxes.

And if that’s not enough, she was also rumoured to be banned from Chinese TV and picking up acting jobs in Mainland China.

She has to pay compensation to the various brands as well for damages since advertisements that she was paid to shoot for them could no longer air in the country.

Now, if you’re wondering whether it means Fan Bingbing’s golden era is over, it might not be.

Fan Bingbing Allegedly Earns More Money from Selling on Livestream Than Her Day Job

Turns out, she has entered another area which is reportedly netting her even more money than what she earned during her time as an actress.

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According to 8Days, Fan Bingbing has been selling her beauty products on Chinese social shopping platform, Little Red Book.

And she’s so good that she reportedly earns more than S$1 million per hour.

Image: Giphy

Definitely more than her hourly wage for filming.

Which Shouldn’t Be A Surprise Considering Her Track Record

Back in 2013, Taobao announced a list of Most Valuable Celebrities (MVC) that helps to boost online sales.

Fan Bingbing came in as number one again and reportedly influenced approximately S$104.8 million sales on the e-commerce website.

Taking Netizens To Task

After her tax evasion scandal, Fan Bingbing has been the target of many malicious rumours on the internet.

She’s tired of it and decided to take actions against malicious netizens for defamation.

Two cases have been brought to court thus far and both times, she had won and obtained monetary compensation from them.

The latest case netted her S$4,000 for the distress it has caused her, and the netizen has to publish a public apology on the website used to defame her.


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