Fans Rejoice At Jet Li’s Rejuvenated Appearance One Year After Haggard Photo

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If you’re a 90’s kid, you’ll no doubt know Jet Li.

Either for his roles in Hollywood movies

Image: Gfycat

Or as the iconic Wong Fei-Hung

Image: Tumblr

However, Jet Li, in real life, isn’t as invincible as his characters are portrayed to be.

Battling Illness Since 2013

One year ago, Jet Li fans were taken aback at how he looked like.


It was revealed that the world-renowned kungfu star has been undergoing treatment to battle against hyperthyroidism since 2013.

His metabolism was vastly affected and his weight fluctuated drastically over a short period of time. His heart rate is also affected, going up to 130 to 140 beats per minute even when he is at rest.

When it first started, the actor had to take medication laced with steroids to stabilise his condition.


After a year, his condition stabilised but it relapsed two years later and caused his body and eyes to become visibly swollen.

But it appears Jet Li isn’t out of the game yet.

And Now, Another Picture Of Jet Li Rocked The Internet

Well, if you love Jet Li and you’re one of the many millions of fans who were anguished at his appearance, another picture has appeared.

And this time, it’s for something good.

Here’s what he looked like in his prime.

Image: Kung Fu Fun

Then here’s one in 2018, taken outside a Hong Kong theatre.


And here’s the most recent photo in 2019.

Image: Weibo

No, this image isn’t taken in 2005. 

Could it be the cap, you wonder.

No, it’s not.

Fans were left wondering how Jet Li pulled off a “Benjamin Button”, and of course, happy that their favourite star is now back on his feet.

“I thought this photo was taken 10 years ago.”

“Wow … his physical appearance is awesome.”

“Only 18 years old … his smile is sweet.”

What’s The Secret?

While it wasn’t revealed what his secret to youth is (please teach us, Jet Li, our boss needs it), you can infer a couple of things.

Jet Li probably kept up his fitness regime (once a martial artist, always a martial artist). And plenty of youthful people have spoken up about the effects of exercising on youth.


Maybe it’s time for me to look for my running shoes. Now…where did I leave it?

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