#FastFoodFriday: MOS Burger New Hokkaido Salmon Review: Dry Salmon Spoiled Everything


You know what day it is…!

It’s… It’s…!


Wait, what?

One thing you might not know is that our articles don’t get written on the same day.

What does that got to do with me, a mere reader? you ask.

Absolutely nothing. I just want to say that beneath the surface of every Fri-yay TGIF celebration gif…


There’s a struggling writer lying and psychoing to him/herself that it’s actually Friday. See this gif for example:

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In a sense, this is like writing a letter to the future.

In times of depressing need, like Thursdays, I can look forward to fast food and fried chicken as an outlet. And then get more depressed because I’m eating fast food.

That is until MOS Burger had their Hokkaido Salmon Burger.

Image: Facebook (MOS Burger Singapore)

Is this… the saviour of my unhealthy lifestyle? No more fried food but a good Omega-3 infused salmon?

Image: Giphy

There’s only one way to find out. That is to buy it. And eat it.

Hokkaido Salmon Rice Burger (S$5.45):

Hokkaido Salmon Burger (S$4.95):


First thing to notice is, damn, those are some huge lettuces.

Image: Giphy

We also can’t really tell whether salmon is as big as the advertisement shows, and there’s only one way to find out.

My thumb is holding in the bottom side of the salmon. There’s actually two pieces of salmon here:


It’s not exactly the most appetising shot, but the salmon is sufficient enough to cover the entire burger. Though, it is not exactly as large as the ad. But hey, good enough for me.

For the normal bun’d burgers, the salmon is just one piece. I’m that they’re both supposed to be just one piece, but the one for my rice burger just happened to break off.

The salmon is generously slathered with wasabi mayo, so it may not look like it but the salmon covers the whole burger.


Now, you might be anticipating the cross-section buns that I usually do. But I have to disappoint you and myself by saying that I’m not going to post it.

The simple reason is that I used the trusty knife on the burger and the entire burger just fell apart. Add to the fact that MOS Burger tends to have their burger be unequally sized on the end towards the inside of the packet, so the burger just wasn’t meant to be cut.

There’s poor burger integrity here. Just eat the burger with your hands on the wrapper like a normal person.

So here’s another pic I didn’t use above just because.

Taste Test

The first thing that hits you is the wasabi mayo. But don’t worry too much about the wasabi part, because it’s just light enough to have a taste, but almost none of the spice.

And you might think the salmon taste is coming soon, but disappointingly, it’s eggs that you will taste first.


I wouldn’t say that the eggs overwhelmed the taste of the salmon, but upon tasting the salmon, you’ll find that the salmon is disappointing dry.

And as we probably should know, dry salmon = tasteless salmon. The use of wasabi mayo did help with the dry salmon a little, but it doesn’t change that it doesn’t quite have the satisfaction of biting into fresh salmon.

It’s actually quite disappointing because if the salmon wasn’t dry, I think this could have been a great burger.

The wasabi mayo is just balanced on point, the eggs are fried right, there’s a good chunk of lettuce, a generous amount of teriyaki-ish sauce to provide the salt and bring out the flavour.

And then it’s ruined by dry salmon.

Image: Giphy

So, if you buy Mos Burger’s latest item, you’re taking a gamble; if the salmon is cooked right, it’ll be a great burger, but if it’s too dry, then you’ll wish you kept your money in your pocket.

But eh, I’m guessing fast-food employees aren’t used to grilling salmon, so perhaps it really depends on your luck if the guy cooking your salmon happened to be better at it.

Maybe you will get a salmon cooked just right. At the price, I’d say it’s alright to give it a try.


Rating: 3/5

(Potentially 4.5/5 if salmon is cooked right.)