#FastFoodFriday: Spicy Chicken McNuggets, Onion Shaker Fries, KitKat McFlurry Review

Today is a wonderful day where I try Spicy Chicken McNuggets, the Onion Shaker Fries, and KitKat McFlurry.

How wonderful is wonderful?

Here’s how to sum up today’s review:

Image: TheMarySue

Alright. Time to close the tab and read other articles.

Except, you’re not. Because I’m showing you this:

Yes. It is exactly what it is. I have gloriously combined them all for no reason except for the advancement of humanity; in the name of science.

Also yes, that is melted McFlurry.

Image: Giphy

All in the name of science.

KitKat McFlurry: Not enough balls

Here’s what the advertisement looked like:

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

And here’s what we got:

To be fair, we used delivery, so the situation wasn’t the most ideal.

But it was still every bit as disappointing. I expected KitKat McFlurry with a 50-50 wonderful harmony of a sweet, crisp and flaky waffle biscuit, chocolatey milky goodness to be enveloped in the sweet, cold creamy goodness of the McFlurry.

What I got instead was McFlurry with the occasional balls.

Actually eating the dessert, it was still satisfying, but disappointing for the potential. Every mouth was a mouth filled with the question: What if it had more KitKat?

At S$3.10, a S$0.40 over the S$2.70 Oreo McFlurry price, perhaps I shouldn’t expect too much.

For the mere price of an additional S$0.40, it teaches us a lesson on the economy: Kit Kat is more expensive than Oreos.

Rating: 3/5.

Spicy McNuggets: Duh

McNuggets are a strange thing. I hate mechanically separated chicken mixed with unknown spices and seasonings, so how does it taste so good when it’s made into a nugget form?

Is it because it looks like gold? Is it because of the crispy exterior that hides the ugly inside? Is it black magic?

Whatever it is, an exciting bite into the Spicy McNuggets revealed exactly what it is.

It tasted like McNuggets. But spicy.

So then the question is how spicy? I would put this as Chinese stall Nasi Lemak chilli spicy level.

The spice takes a while before it actually hits, but it lingers there pretty long and gradually gets more intense.

So the more you eat, the spicier it gets.

I dip into the curry sauce. It didn’t work quite as well as I imagined since for some reason the heat seemed to counter play the sweet curry sauce. Normal McNuggets blended better with the curry sauce.

Either way, if you like McNuggets, and you like heat, there’s simply no reason not to like this.

Rating: McNuggets/5. (people who like McNuggets don’t rate it by a number)

Then it hit me. Curry sauce is sweet. McFlurry is sweet. McFlurry also takes off some of the heat. What if…?

Onion Shaker Fries: Tastes like Instant Noodle, without the Noodles

In other words, it tastes like Instant.

I mean, MSG.

Now, I have nothing against MSG. Glutamates are naturally present in many of our food like mushrooms and tomatoes. A sprinkle of MSG makes the food taste more like the food, sort of like what salt does.

Except, in this case, it was MSG overload and the whole thing smelled and tasted like freshman college year. Ahh, instant noodles. The taste of college.

Mind you, I only used 75% of the onion shaker packet.

They even tried to hide MSG by calling it “savoury seasoning”.

I did the next logical step and dipped into the curry sauce.

Sweet and savoury sounded good. MSG and sweet doesn’t.

My advice is to only add as needed, or forgo the Onion shaker altogether.

Rating: 0nion/5.

It is at this point I took action. What do I stand to lose if these are fries I don’t want to eat? I have a McNugget to spare (there’s no such thing as too many McNuggets). Can I stand for the McFlurry to remain a half cup of mild disappointment?

Science of Gastronomy

NO. And that brings us back to this.

I dug the fries and chew. And then the McNuggets.

It was foul and I can’t believe that there are actually people who like this. Maybe it would have worked better without the MSG seasoning and Spicy.

But for now, I want to ask myself as a gastronomic researcher. Was I not committed enough in my research? Should I have thrown in the curry sauce into the McFlurry as well?