Father Jailed & Caned for Molesting 11YO Daughter as “Punishment” for Failing Her Exams

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The excuses for sexual harassment are endless.

Testing the functionalities of your phone camera? Didn’t think they meant “stop” when they literally said “stop”?

What next? That you are just “punishing” your daughter after she failed her exams?

That’s not a thing, right?


Oh goodness.

Man Molested Daughter as “Punishment” for Failing Exams

The incident happened in December 2017, when the victim, then aged 11, was called into the master bedroom by her father. Neither of them can be named due to concerns for anonymity, given that the victim is underage—she is now 15.

The father apparently had the intention to “punish” his daughter after she had failed her year-end examinations, and began pinching and slapping her all over her body, except her face, after the door was closed, according to CNA.

When he lifted up her shirt until below her armpits, her bra came unhooked and her chest got exposed, which the father promptly made the focus of his “punishment”. He later confessed that he had a deliberate “desire” to touch her breasts.

Yeah, just like how upskirt photos are just a technical test. I’m sure the police were just testing the quality of their handcuffs too.

The girl asked if the punishment was over, and was let go.

But the incident was far from over. Apparently, the man admitted that he “kept on thinking” about his daughter’s breasts, and called her back to his bedroom the following day to continue the “punishment”.

He then molested her while she was unaware it was sexual assault and kept her eyes closed as instructed, until the daughter opened her eyes and started crying out of fear, obviously disturbed by the incident.

Sentenced to 2 Years’ Jail

The crimes were exposed when the daughter told a friend in school about the incident, and both her mother and the police were informed on the case of sexual assault.

The mother has since divorced the offender, which his defense cited to mitigate his sentence. 

His entire family had been “torn apart”, according to his lawyer, and he had been “very disgusted” at himself. 


It’s a bit late for that, don’t you think?

The defense also pointed out his “borderline impaired” IQ of 78, because a low IQ, just like a high IQ, has become an excuse for sexual assault nowadays.

However, he had been sent to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) to be remanded prior to the hearing, where a psychiatrist assessed him as “lucid” and clearly having known what he was doing.

The prosecution also stressed the high extent of sexual violation, given the prolonged skin-on-skin contact, and the deliberate exploitation of a child’s innocent trust in her parent by exercising his authority to summon her into the bedroom.

It was the “highest form of abuse of trust”, the prosecutor summarised.

He was sentenced to two years in prison and six strokes of the cane. Maybe that’ll teach him what would be plausibly considered “punishment”.

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The judge will hear the case again on Monday afternoon, to consider how the offender’s remand would impact his sentencing.

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