The Fav Food That Millennials Like During a Date is…Quite Exp


Going on dates in this era is a huge step out of your comfort zone.

There will be so many questions ricocheting in your mind: What do I wear, Where do we go, What do we do…

It can be even more stressful if you’re the one who is deciding on the place.

The place you choose for your first date is essentially a reflection of who you are (whether you like it or not).

But in Singapore, a melting pot of cultures, the list is endless.

You can choose a French restaurant that exudes sophistication or a fuss-free sushi bar or the reliable zi char stall across your block (maybe, this wouldn’t be ideal for the first date)?



According to Brides, online dating app, Zoosk, did a survey on 7,000 single millennials by analysing more than 3.7 million dating profiles and 364.6 million first messages (wait, what!).

So the moment of truth is here.

What is the best food to eat on a date?

Surf and turf. For those who have no clue what is a surf and turf, it is a combination of red meat and seafood.

Millennials do have an expensive taste.

Steak and seafood are not the cheapest options but hey, can you put a price on love?

19% of daters like the former whereas 18% of daters prefer the latter.

Lobsters, oysters, crabs… I could keep going on and on about my love for seafood.

Unfortunately steak is the champion.

I mean, who can resist a sexy slab of meat that is cooked to medium-rare.


This shouldn’t be news but steak is 7% more popular with men than women.

What is the worst food to eat on a date?

23% of daters think buffalo wings and ribs are the worst. I concur!

Anything that requires you to use your hands is a big no-no, especially when it is the first date.

How does one eat wings without looking like a cannibal?


Save this food when you’re knee deep in the relationship and probably have seen each other in the most disastrous states.


What is the sexiest food to eat on a date?

I know this sounds cliché but it is actually strawberries coated in chocolate (34%).


Wine and cheese are not too far behind with 28% of daters voting on it, followed by ice-cream (12%).


For those who can’t even snag a date:

The survey showed that if you mention certain foods in your profile, you may actually get more messages.

If you mention chocolate, you will get 100% more messages.

Carbs lovers, especially those who are not shy about their love for potatoes get 101% more messages.


And since this survey is solely on millennials and food, how can we not mention the voluptuous avocado.

You will get 144% more messages if you are ardent about guacamole!


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