Here’s Science Predicting Your Personality Based On Your Favourite Colour

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Ever get stumped when people ask you what your favourite colour is? Actually, deep down, you probably already have an answer to that. We all have our preferences — that’s just how humans are.

Colour psychology is a real thing, and can be used to tell what kind of personality you have. So if you’re like, “OMG, that’s totally me” after reading this, just know it’s not a coincidence (or vague writing) — it’s science.

If your favourite colour is blue:


You’re calm, cool, and collected. People find you reliable and dependable, so you’re usually their go-to person when they need some help. Basically, you’re the friend everybody can count on.

If your favourite colour is red:

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You’re bold, passionate, and extroverted. People tend to be attracted to you – you know this, and aren’t afraid to show it.

If your favourite colour is green:


You’re stable, balanced, practical, and down-to-earth. You put a lot of importance on relationships and you tend to be honest with your feelings – that’s why people often say that you’re their ideal partner.

If your favourite colour is yellow:


You’re cheerful, creative, and fun to be around. People often underestimate you, but that’s okay because you get things done.

But when it comes to emotions, you’re a bit more reserved – you don’t feel comfortable sharing personal thoughts with others.

If your favourite colour is orange:


You’re probably an extrovert, and love being the centre of attention. It also means that you’re warm, optimistic, friendly, and have a great sense of humour. That’s why people love going to parties with you!

If your favourite colour is purple:


You’re a free spirit and a daydreamer. Some might consider you shy although that’s not the case – you’re just likely to be introverted in nature. You prefer seeing the world as a perfect place by ignoring the ugly side of society – people who don’t understand you might find you a little “off” because of that.

If your favourite colour is pink:

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You hate thinking about becoming an adult and just want to be left in your little bubble forever. People might call you childish or naïve, but what’s wrong with that?

If your favourite colour is black:


You are independent, powerful and classy. Other people look up to you and think that you’re the coolest person in the room. But you find it difficult to open up to people (especially strangers) as deep down, you feel a little lost and insecure.

If your favourite colour is white:

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You are sensible, graceful, and have a quiet air of self-confidence around you. But you can be very fussy about things (especially your appearance), and might be a little too judgemental at times.

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