Female Cop Proposes To Wanted Criminal, Then Arrests Him In Temple During Their Marriage

I know what you’re thinking after reading this headline, and the answer is nope, you did not just stumble upon the condensed plot of a blockbuster Bollywood movie in the form of an article.

For some men, you could throw bombs at them or shoot them with guns, yet they remain undefeated. Often, only one weakness stands for these men – and it’s none other than a woman.

Call it stupid, but it does sound sweet, right?

Well, combine that logic with a genius police force, and we’ve got ourselves a spectacular story that wouldn’t be out of place on the silver screen.

He’s Wanted…

Meet the man of the hour, Balkishan Chaubey, a resident of Bijouri village of the Mahoba district of UP who also happens to be a notorious criminal.

Image: India Today

Within a year alone, he committed 16 different crimes, including the murder of a man, and the police were losing their minds trying to capture him.

After killing a man in the Nowgaon area of MP earlier this year in August, the police tried their hardest to arrest Chaubey but to no avail.

SS Baghel, from the sub-divisional of the police force in Chhatarpur, lamented: “The MP Police were trying to nab him but every time he succeeded in dodging us.”

This guy’s evasion game sure is strong.

Perhaps it was the lack of love that led him to commit such extreme crimes, and some smart fella in the police department must have thought the same thing too.

…And Not Just By The Police

Somehow, the police put their extreme stalking skills into use and found out that Chaubey was actually searching for a woman to marry, for some love in his life to neutralise the hate he had for the world. And thus, Operation Love Scam began.

By arranging a SIM card of New Delhi circle in the name of a woman labourer from Bundelkhand who currently lives in New Delhi, the police then had a female cop from their team contact him from the number.

When she called Chaubey, she pretended that she had mistakenly called his number, playing it cool.

Of course, Chaubey was skeptical about it, as he was a wanted criminal after all and was smart enough to dodge every single police tactic thus far, and questioned her about her whereabouts. He went on to check the location credentials and found that it was legit, so he called her back.

What a ‘smooth’ criminal.

A budding romance began, and they started talking to each other for about a week. The undercover female cop then popped the question and asked Chaubey for his hand in marriage.

Image: Giphy

You’d have thought he would be smarter than to fall for a honeypot scam trick considering he’s a master of hiding, but when it comes to matters of the heart, all rational thoughts go out of the head.

Unhappily Ever After

Chaubey must have been eager to agree, for they immediately started planning the wedding and agreed to meet at a temple in the Bijouri village to hold a traditional Indian Roka marriage ceremony a few days later.

Imagine how excited Chaubey must’ve been to finally find a wife amidst the chaos of his life.

With this enthusiasm, he showed up at the temple on the fateful day, where he found the female cop waiting for him along with other cops dressed up in civil clothes, all ready for the wedding – or so he thought.

Image: Tenor

Upon arrival, the police arrested him.

The next day, he was produced before the court and subsequently thrown in jail.



Kudos to the police for thinking of such a smart method to bait Chaubey! He simply trusted his heart too much.

It would really become like a movie if it turned out that the female cop had actually grown to like Chaubey during their one week of phone dating, though… imagine how that’s gonna turn out in the end.

Maybe there will be a sequel to this forbidden love story.

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