Fiona, 41, Looks 31 in Recently Posted Sexy Photos Wearing Mugler-H&M Collection


Age is just a number, and Fiona Xie is the paradigm of this saying.

The Singaporean actress recently posted a series of Instagram photos of her rocking the Mugler-H&M collection, and trust us when we say she looks drop-dead gorgeous.

41-Year-Old Fiona Xie Posts Series of Sexy Photos Flaunting Her Figure in the New Mugler-H&M Collection

Last week, the 41-year-old took the internet by storm after posting several photos of her dressed in the newest Mugler-H&M collection.

If you didn’t already know, the Mugler-H&M collection is the newest fashion collaboration in town, featuring several iconic pieces, including denim pieces, a catsuit and mesh-panelled leggings. The collection launched on Thursday (11 May).

Early last week, Fiona posted a photo of her in the collection’s halterneck cut-out swimsuit, pairing it with the mesh-panelled stirrup leggings. She completed the outfit with a pair of heels.

Image: Instagram (@xplacidacidx)

Want to steal the look? That will be $84.95 for the swimsuit and $129 for the leggings.

It’s okay; you could always wait for the Taobao versions to drop.


The 41-year-old also posted photos and videos of her at the Mugler-H&M pre-launch party. This time, she was wearing the mesh-panelled corset top matched with the mesh-panelled leggings.

Image: Instagram (@xplacidacidx)

Dressed to kill.

If you think the Crazy Rich Asians actress would have run out of photos of her Mugler-H&M fits by this point, you have vastly underestimated her.

Image: Instagram (@xplacidacidx)

She might be 41, but she could easily pass off as 31.

Image: Instagram (@xplacidacidx)

We know the weather’s hot this month, but it’s getting hot here, and we don’t think it’s just the weather this time.

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Even if you’re done with seeing this same $159 mesh-panelled corset top, the actress isn’t. After the launch of the Mugler-H&M collection, Fiona posted more photos of her in the corset top, this time pairing it with the collection’s $159 jersey cut-out trousers.

Image: Instagram (@xplacidacidx)

A convenient lookbook for the lucky ones who managed to cop the collection’s coveted pieces before they were sold out.

Not Fiona Xie’s First Time Going Viral This Month

Earlier this month, the actress already went viral once for other sultry photos of her in the Mugler-H&M collection.

The actress shared a photo of herself in the familiar halterneck cut-out swimsuit and mesh-panelled stirrup leggings from the collection, calling H&M and Mugler the “ultimate power couple”.

Image: Instagram (@xplacidacidx)

The 41-year-old also flaunted her figure in the same outfit in another photo where she lay on a rock.

Image: Instagram (@xplacidacidx)

Come on now, grab some tissues and wipe that nosebleed off your face.

What the 41-Year-Old Actress Has Been Up To Recently

The Singaporean actress, who was named one of Mediacorp’s Seven Princesses in 2006, first found herself in the spotlight after her breakout role in the 2001 Mediacorp drama My Genie.

Yes, before Netflix and Disney+, people watched Mediacorp.

The actress’ infamous “bikini run” scene from the 2004 Mediacorp drama The Champion further cemented her place in Singaporeans’ hearts.


You might also recall seeing the 41-year-old star in the box office hit Crazy Rich Asians, where she played the role of Kitty Pong.

Yet, acting is not all that she’s known for now. Fiona has also been up to some other things—fashion, for instance.

The actress also dabbles in curating art, investing and photography.

In an interview with Her World, she also shared her experiences cycling around our little red dot and exploring various parts of Singapore.

The 41-year-old also champions lifelong learning, signing up for several online university courses, including a Harvard University leadership programme and several Artificial Intelligence (AI) classes.


Perhaps Skillsfuture should hire her as an ambassador—one more hat for the actress to wear.

Here’s why a 4-day workweek might finally really be possible in Singapore soon:

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