Fiona Xie is Back in Channel 8 For a ‘New Beginning’ & is Playing a Villain


Everybody, do you remember Fiona Xie? Yup, the dream girl of every 90s boys out there when Netflix and Youtube didn’t exist yet.

She captured 90s kids’ hearts with her cute act in 我爱精灵 (My Genie)


 Then showed her sexy side with 任我遨游 (The Champion)


Guess what, 90s kids?

Our local goddess is back in business. Once known as the seven princesses of Mediacorp, she’s finally acting in a Mandarin drama again, after 10 long years.


天之骄子 (Gifted), a crime thriller, is a show about two child prodigies, Elvin Ng and Zhang Yaodong, who had to hide their talents.

However, they met each other when a mysterious rich man hired them to look for his missing son.

Whether they’ll work together to solve the mystery or fight against each other to be the remaining winner, you’d only be able to know after watching the drama.

I’m not sure about the plot but the drama seems to be jam-packed with action if the trailer is to be believed.

Shot entirely in Malaysia, Fiona Xie plays a powerful businesswoman who will do anything to get what she wants.

That’s right.

No more Miss Nice Genie, oh no. She’ll be unscrupulous, mighty and powerful. Kind of like those evil and corrupted businessmen you always want to beat up in Korean dramas. 

She tells viewers to expect a different side of her. A Fiona Xie version 2.0 (like Android update, yeah) in this show.

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She didn’t want to act in a Mandarin drama in the first place

There are some people who’d do anything to get into a drama, even as a supporting role. Yes, I’m talking about you, handsome Leon.

But for Fiona Xie, the opportunity kind of just landed in her hands.

She was approached by executive producer Yeo Saik Pin, who had worked with her previously in 任我遨游 (The Champion). Yeah, that legendary bikini scene.

She was told him she’s worried about taking up the role, he told her to “just come back, very simple one”.

So she agreed.

And when she read the script for the very first time, she realised that she had the most lines out of everybody there, and with very chim words at that.


But this ex-little genie has one piece of wise advice for people out there


A little stress is a good thing. That’s Fiona Xie’s response in an interview.

She had been doing things that she loved for years. In other words, she was well within her comfort zone.

She missed the scripts, the crew and her former colleagues she used to work with. And she missed the stress on filming sites too.

“Sometimes, when you push the envelope a little bit, it really gears you up.”

And here’s another piece of good news: when asked if this means she is getting back into acting, her reply was, “Never say never.”

While she won’t be actively looking for shows to star in, she’ll be picking up projects from time to time.

Her movie, Crazy Rich Asians, where she acted the role of Kitty Pong, a gold digger, will be out in cinemas in Aug 2018.


The show, 天之骄子 (Gifted), will start airing on 9 July at 9 pm (Mondays to Fridays).

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