Fireworks During New Year Stopped Immediately After Stray Projectile Hit HDB Block in Ubi


Imagine having the luxury of watching the annual fireworks from your living room. While you were happily filming these fireworks, you spotted a large red light flying towards your home.

Just as you were about to react, the red light hit the wall below your window instead. That was when you realised that your home almost got burned down in the first few seconds of 2022.

Although this seemed like a scenario from some fanfiction, this actually happened to a resident at Ubi.

Fireworks During New Year Stopped Immediately After Stray Projectile Hit HDB Block in Ubi

Last year (2021), it was announced that although there will not be fireworks in the Marina Bay area, there will still be various fireworks displays in residential areas around Singapore.

One of the areas is an open field at Ubi.

As the clock struck 12, the firework display at Ubi started off normally. About one minute into the display, a stray projectile went too far and hit the external facade wall of a nearby HDB block.

The fireworks carried on for a few more seconds before ending at the 2-minute-20-second mark.

This incident was captured by various residents from different angles. The stray projectile could also be seen hitting the HDB at the 1 minute 38 seconds mark.

People who saw that in action could also be heard in the background of the video asking if they’ve seen the fireworks hitting the top floor of the HDB block.

However, it seems that not many people saw that for there were no shouts of panic. Most of the people there were cheering instead.


Fireworks Stopped 

The fireworks were stopped a few seconds after the stray projectile hit the wall. The authorities also visited that unit to ensure the family was safe and nothing was on fire.

Luckily, the projectile only hit the outer facade wall near a window and not into a window, so no one was hurt and nothing was damaged.

Police investigations are ongoing as they try to figure out what happened and how to prevent this in the future.

No Fireworks at Buona Vista

Meanwhile, in another part of Singapore, Singaporeans are complaining about the fireworks at Commonwealth instead of the listed location, Buona Vista. Misled by the name “Buona Vista”, crowds gathered at Buona Vista to see a black sky at 12am.

Instead, they heard the fireworks from the nearby location at Commonwealth. Only can hear, cannot see.

@niao.mi wasted my petrol, 1hr of our time and paid for carpark just to see nothing😐 i hope yall had a better start to the new year😭😭😭 #2022 ♬ original sound – naomi

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Featured Image: Facebook (Din Borok)