Limit for Work-Related Events Will Increase from 50 to 1,000 from 3 Jan


Finally, there seems to be an end in sight for the rigid COVID restrictions that have fallen on the small island-state of Singapore since May 2020.

For work-related events at least.

For families that wish to dine in at the favourite restaurants or hold larger gatherings, it’s still limited to five fully vaccinated people, sorry about that.

Relaxation on Work-Related Event Restrictions

Starting from 3 January, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) proclaimed that business-events can encompass up to 1,000 people, instead of the current meagre 50 participants.

It comes with conditions attached, of course: events with more than 50 people are not allowed to have any food or beverages on the premises itself, which would make it akin to a school assembly with fancier chairs, I guess.

Organisers must also ensure that people are split into groups of 100, which is considered one zone, and there must be a two-metre distance between each zone.

The one-metre social distance between each individual must be kept as well, and all participants must either be fully vaccinated, have recovered from COVID-19 within the last  180 days, or have medically certified reasons to prove their lack of.

While I understand the cautious sentiment… Does the two-metre between zones really make any difference? It just feels like a game of Chinese Chess with a small and insignificant river in between that is easily crossed.

The Ministries stated that it will give businesses more room to make arrangements for business-related events that need more participants like award ceremonies.

However, the participants are still required to wear masks for the entire duration, and they must be either sitting or standing.

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The organisers must also inform the authorities in advance, should such events take place, through an online form. There will be spot checks to ensure that no one is breaking the rules.

But look on the bright side, it will be like bouncers in front of a night club, except it’s not the age restrictions they will be checking for. It might even help the organisers ensure that there are no suspicious or unwanted guests sneaking their way into the event.

MTI and MOM also mentioned that cross-company meetings, incentive travel programs, conferences, and exhibitions, where more contact and human traffic is expected, will still necessitate special approval from MTI.

MTI urges the organisers and participants to comply with the latest safety guidelines to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmissions at workplace settings.

Naturally, business owners are glad to see the restrictions being lifted since it means that there will be a gradual reopening process to the wider market for them.

To go from 50 participants to 1,000 is certainly a huge leap. Not in a ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ kind of way.


Considering all the social distancing involved, Expo exhibition halls might finally see some business again because I can’t see normal function rooms at hotels being big enough.

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