First Half of Aug 2022 is Going to be Rainy, Especially in the Morning to Early Afternoon

The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) has announced that we can expect the wet weather we’ve experienced in the second half of July to continue into the first two weeks of August.

It is anticipated that rainfall levels during this period will also be higher than average over most parts of the island.

We recommend you bring out your umbrella every day folks, except maybe not on 9 August, the one day that will be granted miraculous wet weather immunity by the gahmen.

Thundery Showers To Come

As the Southwest Monsoon persists over Singapore, short thundery showers can be expected during the morning and early afternoon hours in some areas.

“Sumatra squalls from the Strait of Malacca may bring widespread thundery showers with occasional gusty winds in the pre-dawn and morning on a few days,” the MSS stated.

As such, on one or two days, we will likely experience widespread moderate to heavy thundery showers across the island.

Daily Temperatures to Range Between 24°C and 33°C

The daily minimum temperature may dip to around 23°C on some days.

This is expected to rise over the later parts of the fortnight however, with daily maximum temperature expected reach a high of around 34°C on a few days.

Night-time temperatures will be warmer and more humid than usual, and those staying in the eastern and southern coastal areas of the island can expect to experience temperatures of up to 28°C.

“The prevailing southeast winds will bring warm and humid air from the surrounding seas across these regions,” said the MSS.

Late July Saw Above-Average Rainfall Levels

As you’ve probably noticed, it has been raining quite a bit recently.

The MSS reported that two-thirds of Singapore experienced above-average rainfall during the month of July, and rainfall levels had increased gradually over the month.

The convergence of prevailing winds over Singapore and the surrounding region brought about moderate to heavy thundery showers over many parts of the island in some afternoons.

“On 20 July 2022, two spells of Sumatra squalls brought heavy thundery showers and gusty winds over many parts of Singapore in the early hours and morning,” the MSS cited as the reason.

The temperature for the month peaked at 35.8°C on 17 July at the Marina Barrage area, and hit a low of 21.6°C along Admiralty.

For updates of the daily weather forecast, please visit the MSS website, NEA website, or download the myENV app.

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