Fish Leong Now Dating Again After High-Profile Divorce Last Year

Fresh off her high-profile divorce last year, it appears that Fish Leong has abandoned all resentment to embrace love once again.

Image: Facebook (梁靜茹 Fish Leong)

According to China Press, she is dating again.

Though this time, she seems to have taken a few precautions.

Not exactly a surprising notion though, considering how her divorce went.

Fish Leong Now Dating Again After High-Profile Divorce Last Year

In a recent press conference, the Malaysian singer revealed that she had visited Lungshan Temple in Taipei to seek advice from the god of matchmaking (yue lao).

Why the god of matchmaking, you ask.

Well, it’s not because she wished for better luck on Tinder.

After she sought advice, the 42-year-old reportedly received an amulet for good luck.

And it was then that she dropped the bomb.

She’s currently seeing someone, and things are purportedly going well.

Love is in the air.

However, it seems that Fish isn’t keen to jump the gun.

According to her, they have gone out for a date and coffee. But as of the current moment…

They’ve yet to get together in an official manner.

Nevertheless, it appears that the Malaysian singer is ready to embrace love again.

“I’m looking forward to a new love life. I hope to find someone who loves sports and leads a healthy lifestyle,” the 42-year-old revealed in a press conference.

Though punctuality would still take precedence.

“But I will not tolerate someone who is not punctual,” she said.

And What Do You Know?

Fish’s mystery man seems to have been revealed.

According to Taiwanese media outlet CTWant, Fish was seen walking into a seafood restaurant in Keelung City with a date on 6 October.

Who’s this mysterious date of hers, you wonder.

Well, it appears to be none other than 56-year-old Darwin Lin, who was born in Taiwan and resided in the likes of the United States and Shanghai.

Image: CTWant

For the record, he’s the president or director of a few companies.

Thereafter, they were spotted once again on 29 October, when they met for dinner.

Later on, Fish’s management agency would go on to confirm the news, and said that the singer has learnt to “start all over again”.

They added that they were happy for her new love life as well.

Image: CTWant


According to AsiaOneher husband’s alleged extramarital affairs first surfaced in 2019:

He was reported to have had a fling with a female Internet celebrity.

And though there were reports that she had forgiven him, their relationship ultimately failed to make the cut.

Fish tied the knot with her ex-husband in February 2010 at Boracay in the Philippines, and she gave birth to their son Anderson in April 2014.

They are reported to share joint custody of their son.

Following the divorce, Fish purportedly suffered from depression, and had to seek help from a psychiatrist.

However, she never quite lost hope.

“The world is still beautiful,” she said in a separate interview following her divorce.

You can read more about her divorce here.

Featured Image: Facebook (梁靜茹 Fish Leong) & CTWant