Fish Leong is Officially Divorced Allegedly Due to Husband’s Affair with Influencer

Honestly speaking, it hasn’t exactly been the most romantic year for celebrities.

Nowhere close, actually.

I mean; just look at some of the more renowned celebrity break-ups so far. So far. Do keep in mind that it’s only September.

Cupid 2019? Well, that’s definitely not happening. 

And it seems that the break-up roll isn’t stopping just yet, with yet another couple broken up by the curse of 2019:

Malaysian singer Fish Leong and her husband of nine years, Taiwanese businessman Tony Chao.

Image: Rock Records

Fish Leong is Now Officially Divorced

On Sunday (8 September 2019), Malaysian singer Fish Leong revealed that she has divorced her husband of nine years, Taiwanese businessman Tony Chao.

At a press conference in Taipei to promote her new album, Leong said:

“Thanks, everyone, for your concern all this while. As for the question on everyone’s mind, I have signed the divorce papers with Mr Chao, but there are some procedures which have yet to be completed.”

She added that they had separated before last month and that they will have shared custody of their five-year-old son, Anderson.

At the session to promote her album, The Sun Also Rises, she reportedly interacted warmly with fans, though she did turn emotional and even cried when she sang the song Slow To Cool Down.

She eventually calmed herself down and finished singing, before returning backstage.

It’s Allegedly Due to Husband’s Affair With Influencer

Rumours of their break-up have been floating abound for some time, but it was only two days ago that Fish actually confirmed them.

Prior to the announcement, Leong’s good friend, Taiwanese singer Christine Fan, had added intrigue to the rumours when she revealed their marital woes through her manager two years ago.

Fan was subsequently slammed by fans for confirming her friend’s divorce for her.

On the other hand, rumours that the divorce was due to Mr Chao’s alleged affair were not ascertained.

Earlier this year, Leong, 41, and Mr Chao, 44, were in the Maldives to celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary. Sometime last month, however, reports that they had divorced began surfacing.

Apparently, Leong was irate over Mr Chao’s fling with a female Internet celebrity, though there were reports that she had forgiven him.

Really Bad Year For Celebs

No kidding; celeb break-ups might be pretty common…

But it seems that they’re EXTRA COMMON this year.

And so, one can’t help but hope that it’ll be 2020 soon, if not for us…

Then for the poor celebrities involved, who must surely be anticipating the last three months with the utmost trepidation. To the celebrities, both local and overseas…

Hang on!

Image: Tenor