Fish Leong’s Ex-Husband Reportedly Left Suggestive Comment on 27YO Influencer’s IG Account

Just recently, we wrote how this elderly couple, diagnosed with Covid-19, showed us what everlasting love looks like.

And now, we’re going to be writing about a husband that is reportedly on the other end of the spectrum.

Fish Leong & Tony Chao


Fish, who hailed from Negeri Sembilan, met her husband, Taiwanese wine merchant Tony Chao, though her manager, and they got married in 2010.

And in 2019, the couple signed the divorce papers. It was rumoured that the couple split up because Chao was unfaithful to her.

He denied the allegations but was spotted holding hands with another woman, Lin Yi Jue even before the divorce was finalised.

Tony Chao Left Suggestive Comment On 27YO Influencer Post

Demi Lin is a 27-year-old Taiwanese influencer.

She was spotted last year in Singapore, holidaying with Tony Chao and Lin Yijie.

Image: HWZ

On 17 Feb, people noticed Chao leaving a comment on Demi’s 3 Feb Instagram post featuring pictures of her in a bikini.

Image: Instagram

His words were: “Hard… [my] fist is hard”


Deleted But Too Late

The comment was eventually deleted but by then, it has been immortalised into screenshots and shared all over the internet.

According to TODAYonline, this wasn’t the first time comments like these appeared.

In Sep 2019, when Demi Lin shared a picture of herself with captions alluding to how she cannot live without “you”:

Chao commented: You’re talking about the cap?

To which she replied “Exactly!”

Okay, honestly? Nothing much there.

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It was also speculated that Chao might be “purging” his comments on the internet.

Which, based on personal experience, wouldn’t work. After all, what’s the first rule of the internet?

Don’t talk on the internet What appears on the internet stays on the internet.

Demi Lin Responds

On 18 Feb 2020, Demi Lin responded to the incident on her Instagram account.


She said that she has been long-time friends with Tony Chao and her ex-boyfriend, You Xiangmin.

She called out various Taiwanese media outlets, saying that their reports have substantially tarnished their reputations.

If the media outlets would not put out correction reports, she will take legal actions against them.

She added that she will no longer comment on the issue.


Instead, all queries should be directed to her lawyer.


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