Fitness Buff Will Liu Banned from China’s TikTok As His Toned Chest Was Mistaken for Female Breasts


Hilarious mistakes regarding someone’s identity may happen from time to time, and it seems like even celebrities aren’t spared from these awkward incidents either.

Most recently, Taiwanese celebrity Will Liu made the news when his toned chest was mistaken for…. breasts on social media.

Earlier on April, Liu, who has over 57 million followers on Douyin, ended up getting temporarily banned from the Chinese social media platform after the platform detected his clearly visible nipples that were under his tight shirt during one of his live-stream sessions.

The platform, which is China’s version of TikTok, wrongly identified his nipples as female breasts.

Of course, it goes without saying that Liu, 49, and his 43-year-old wife, Chinese model Vivi Wang, wore less revealing clothes during subsequent live-stream for a period of time after that.

Who is Will Liu?

If Liu’s name doesn’t sound familiar to you, it probably will after this.

Liu, who has been based in Shanghai since 2021, skyrocketed to fame on Douyin after live-streaming himself during his exercise sessions, encouraging those stuck in lockdown like him to do the same.

His videos often feature his wife, and even featured his 66-year-old mother-in-law before.

Better known as Liu Genghong in China, the number of followers on Liu’s Douyin account rose by more than 51 million in less than a month. Prior to his fitness live-streams, he only had less than six million followers.

Based on a set of data that was published on 20 April, Liu managed to garner over 100 million views of his live-streams in less than a month.

His best-performing live-stream manage to amass 44.76 million views and 200 million likes on Douyin, making it the most well-received live-stream that Douyin has seen this year.

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Apart from his presence in the live-streaming scene, Liu has actually been involved in the entertainment industry since 1990.

As an actor and member of Taiwanese boyband S.B.D.W, Liu is also known for being close friends with Mandopop singer Jay Chou.

Additionally, he also participated in the Chinese reality show Where Are We Going, Dad? back in 2017 alongside other stars like Jordan Chan. He took part in the programme with his daughter whose nickname is “Little Puff”. She is currently eight years old.

He also has two other children with Wang.

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Featured Image: Douyin (刘畊宏)