Man Fled Without Paying After Visiting Sex Worker in Geylang; Jailed 5 Weeks For His Actions


In 2019, a dude tried to circumvent the “there’s no free lunch rule” by fleeing after receiving the services of a sex worker in Geylang. As court cases go, we are bringing it up now in 2020 because he has finally been sentenced to five weeks of jail.

Interestingly enough, it wasn’t exactly for the lack of payment but the fleeing that got him into trouble.

What Happened

On 14 October 2019, a 35-year-old man engaged a 32-year-old sex worker after seeing an online advertisement. They arranged to meet at Min Wah Hotel in Geylang around 8pm and agreed on a rate of S$120.

After receiving her services, the miser wanted to have his cake and eat it, as they say. So he ran off to avoided payment, and headed to his car in the carpark.

Well, the sex worker was not going to take this lying down, so she gave chase. So did two men and another woman who were also the man’s creditors, though it was not elaborated on in court on why they were there.

The Escape / Reckless Driving

Undaunted, the pseudo-shoplifter got into his car and started the engine.

The four people then planted themselves in the car’s way, using their bodies to block the car in an attempt to stop him from leaving.

Unfortunately, it was not definitely effective this time since the criminal ruthlessly proceeded to run over the sex worker’s toes and brush against her elbow. He also ran over the other woman, but she was fortunately uninjured (though I am not sure how).

And thus he escaped, with his wallet and immorality intact.

Catching the Culprit

The next day, the sex worker reported the incident to the police, and her recount was backed up by a CCTV recording of the incident. The recording was used in court to show the man driving straight into them.

The man pleaded guilty to reckless driving causing endangerment to others. He was sentenced to 5 weeks in jail two days ago on Thursday, 26 November 2020.


All these could’ve been avoided if he had paid that $120, no?

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