Fluff Stack, A Popular Souffle Pancake Cafe, Will Open Second Outlet in Northpoint City

Since its implemetation in Suntec City Mall, Fluff Stack has absolutely revolutionized the entire pancake scene on local shores.

Claiming to have the fluffiest and lightest pancakes in the world, the souffle pancake cafe has been drawing in the crowds like a prime time Gordon Ramsay restaurant, and after witnessing the visual treats secondhand I now know why.

Image: Fourstack

Pancakes that jiggle and dance as you savour your way through its immense airiness? Sounds like heaven. Doesn’t exactly help that they look like natural Instagram models either.

Image: jiaksimipng.wordpress.com

Truly, they’re a sight to behold. And a taste to savour.

Fluff Stack, A Popular Souffle Pancake Cafe, Will Open Second Outlet in Northpoint City

Despite all of its magnificence, however, I had just one gripe with Fluff Stack:

It was too far for me.

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Indeed, Suntec City wasn’t exactly a 1-minute bus ride from my place of residence, a notion all my fellow Westies’ll surely empathise with.

And yet, perhaps that’s also why I’m so stoked at their latest revelation. After all, this is the bit of news that’ll not only divide the queue, but the convenience level as well:

According to Mothership, they’ll be opening a second outlet in Northpoint City!

In an exclusive interview with Mothership, the popular souffle pancake cafe confirmed that it’ll be expanding to a second outlet at Yishun’s Northpoint City.

The outlet’s expected to open its doors sometime in March this year.

GIF: Giphy.com

Can’t Wait That Long?

Patience is a virtue, they say.

But in front of souffle pancakes that look like fruits of heaven? Nah I was never that virtuous anyway.

And if you’re on the same boat, you’ll be glad to know that Fluff Stack @ Suntec City Mall hasn’t exactly been slacking in the menu area.

Just two days ago (18 January), the acclaimed souffle pancake cafe introduced a brand new Matcha Azuki Souffle Pancake (S$13.80) that comes with rich matcha anglaise and a wholesome side of mochi.

What’s more; a new Tiramisu flavour will be released on 31 January.

Getting tired of cramming multiple pineapple tarts into your mouth in one shot? You know where to go.

Plus, with the original favourites Classic Souffle Pancake (S$8.80) and the Strawberry Cheese Souffle Pancake (S$12.80) holding fort…

And the ultimate chocolate treat holding us captive…


You can be sure of one thing:

Fluff Stack’s definitely gonna be a real treat.

Meanwhile, you can check out their menu here.

Image: Facebook (Fluff Stack)
Image: Facebook (Fluff Stack)

“Taste the clouds as they melt in your mouth”?

Well I don’t doubt it, considering how the 40-seater cafe supposedly uses only eggs of a certain weight, as well as dough made from “silky Japanese flour”. They also claim to make their pancakes only upon each order, to create “only the lightest, fluffiest” pancakes for customers.


Fluff Stack @ Suntec City Mall

Address: Suntec City Mall, #B1-K4, 3 Temasek Boulevard, West Atrium, Singapore 038983

Opening Hours:

  • Sunday – Thursday, 11am – 9:30pm
  • Friday – Saturday, 11am – 9:45pm

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