Lost Doggo Waits Patiently By Roadside For Owners; Finally Meets Them 4 Years Later

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Man’s best friends… are pats and carrots.

Image: Giphy

Oops… Freudian slip… are cats and parrots. 

Hamsters, you mean. 

Whatever your pet… peeve is, my friend.

But really, the Pokemon Ar-canine was invented for a reason.

Image: Giphy

Because nothing can be more loyal than a canine.

No, not the root of one’s teeth.

The Superhuman Loyalty of This Dog

BonBon, or Leo as he is now known, sat at the same spot in Thailand: by the roadside awaiting the return of his owners.

For how long, you ask.

Four. Freaking. Years.

You see, he is a dog who lost his owners four years ago.

Image: Naewna

Isn’t he… adorable?

Four years ago, a kind woman had found him malnourished, skinny, and disease-ridden. She took him in.


Not long after, she was surprised to find Leo vanished. Hunting around, she found him back at his old spot by the roadside.

Like he’d buried a bone that was never found.

Dogs remember their owner’s scent, but they forget all animosity. That’s the *teary-eyed* beauty of canines.

She Fed Him at the Same Spot for Four Years

Realizing his reluctance to leave the area, the woman kindly brought food to feed him throughout those four years at his waiting spot by the roadside.

Sometimes, when she was busy, her family members would help out.



Image: Giphy

In English, that means, “reared until so round and plump!”

Okay, that was Singlish. But you get the drift.

This particular netizen who saw the kind woman’s deed, decided to help her locate Leo’s old owners. She posted it and the post went viral. STOMP-attitude does have its uses, after all!

Leo’s Owners Found, But He Wouldn’t Go Back

As the power of social media would have it, Leo’s old owners indeed did come back. They said that a relative had lost BonBon four years ago when they brought him for a road trip. BonBon had probably jumped out of the car then.


Amazed and grateful, the old owners tried to bring Leo back. But even though he was glad to see them, the dog’s rechristened attitude – just like his namesake – meant that he would stay there, where he had lost them.

Image: Naewna

Maybe he had grown fond of the area. After all, memories fade as life goes on.

Anyway, the owners left Leo with the kind woman, with an arrangement that they’d drop in periodically to see him.

What big hearts these owners have. All for the sake… of their old dog’s happiness.

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