Google Might Come Out With a Foldable Pixel Phone Later This Year


Remember the times where you use the power of force/gravity to flip your phone?

You can now do that to your touch-screen phone thanks to all these new-gen foldable phones.

Aside from Samsung and Oppo, Google is sliding in the trend of foldable phones as well.  Look forward to a new foldable pixel phone.

Here are the details you wanna know:

The Breakdown of the News

According to TheElec, Korea Electronics Industry Media, Samsung Display is currently working at getting foldable OLED panels done. The kind that in-folds.

This is to be done not just for Google, but also Xiaomi and Oppo.

Google wants a foldable OLED panel to a scale of 7.6 inches. Its external screen is going to be at most 2 inches.

Oppo, on the other hand, wants a 7.7-inch foldable panel, but it has got to suit a clamshell-designed phone.

For Xiaomi, that’s just not enough. They’re aiming for the sky with an 8.03-inch panel for its primary screen and a 6.38-inch external screen panel.

Sounds like the difference between them is just the size.

The Story Behind Google’s Foldable Phone

Why suddenly everyone wants to fold their phone?

Back in August 2020, there were talks on Google working on a foldable phone when an internal doc (whoops) showed that the search engine titan was creating Android structures for no less than four smartphones, distinctively foldable ones.

The foldable pixel phone even had a name – Passport.

But your cannot stamp this passport when you cross the customs. 

The leaks also said that it was expected to come out in the fourth quarter of 2021.

And guess what? Google usually tells the world about devices at Made by Google, an event on hardware.


The event always takes place in early October or late September.

Rumours About the Design & Camera

There’s nothing out there saying it a solid clam- or book-style phone. Rumours on the street is that it will take a book-style stance, pretty similar to Galaxy Z Fold.

With the recent changes in Android software making it more supportive towards bigger devices and folding features, we expect something big as well.

After all, bigger phones are always better right?

Say the word pixel and people instantly think about the camera and its clarity.


Pixel phones are known for giving generous cameras, thanks to computational photography and AI.

With the fact that great cameras are now a software matter and not hardware, don’t be shocked if you were to see Google give the same Pixel 5 aspect.

As there have been no leaks on its camera news, Google might just stick to its characters and maintain an easy approach to give a main, ultra-wide camera.

Do you know what makes this all the best though? Jon Prosser, the guy who leaked out about the Pixel phone just reconfirmed his suspicion a few days back.

We want it to be real!

Reader Bao: The real question is tho. How much is it going to be? 


 Feature Image: Karlis Dambrans/