Follow these 8 hacks to whiten your skin fast!

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If you are constantly moaning about how you were just born tanned even though you would like to be as fair and white as Snow White, here’s your chance to take a shot at making that dream a reality. If you religiously follow these tips, we guarantee that you will be as white as snow in no time at all! You can thank us afterwards, after you have become the fairest of them all.

Sunblock and Sunscreen
The most obvious first step to take is protecting yourself against the sun. You can’t possibly go out all day in the unforgiving Singapore sun and expect to have white skin. Furthermore, this is not just for beauty purposes, but also to protect yourself against harmful UV rays that may cause skin cancer.

Avoid harmful environments
This is a no-brainer but some people may forget that the environment you are in can greatly affect your skin condition. Avoid smoking areas in coffeeshops and also kick bad habits like smoking or drinking. Plant some potted plants in your office space or home, as the higher oxygen levels are beneficial to your skin.

Hydrate and Moisturise
With insufficient hydration, your skin will appear dull and dark. No life-saving whitening products will work on your face if you don’t provide the essential ingredient – water – for them to work their magic.

The vitamins A, C and E (just remember them as ACE) are crucial in preventing dark spots from appearing. Besides their whitening properties, they also help to boot your immunity and skin-repairing capabilities, ensuring that you have a flawless complexion.

When you cleanse your face or apply your moisturiser, don’t forget to give your face a good massage. Not only does this help to make your whitening skincare products more effective, it also promotes blood circulation and oxygenation, helping your skin to renew itself constantly.

Essential oils
You might think that they are just used as fragrances, but no. Massaging esssential oils onto your skin can help to revive its cell-repairing properties, ensuring that your skin is constantly renewing and preventing dead skin cells from darkening your complexion.

Traditional Chinese herbs can improve blood circulation, whiten and even prevent dark spots from appearing on your face. A few examples would be ginseng, bird’s nest and gingko nuts.

Keep a positive outlook on life
When you are happy and positive, your body will naturally become healthier. This promotes skin renewal and you will even have a glow from within!

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