Food Delivery Courier Tried to Fake Deliveries By Ordering From Another Char Kway Teow Stall

Imagine you are craving for your favourite Char Kway Teow from Old Airport Road.

You want to eat it but the laze is real.

You think about having to change, take the public transport or drive around the carpark many times just to find a lot and you sit on your sofa contemplating life.

You decide to search up delivery apps to see if they have it. You are then delighted to find that it is! So you place your order and wait in anticipation.

The food finally comes and you dive into it.


At the first bite, your heart drops. Something tastes different. It is not what you expected. Your taste buds tell you something is wrong, but you can’t quite put a finger on it. Is it a result of dabao-ing food or is it just that the standard has dropped?

The next time you are at Old Airport Road, you decide to give it a try. It is your beloved Char Kway Teow anyway. You chat up the store owner as you are a familiar face there.

You comment that the taste of is Char Kway Teow has changed.. and not to your liking.

That is how the owner of Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow, Tan Lee Seng, found out that something was amiss.

Customers alerted him 

Being a famous store, Mr Tan has many regular customers who know the taste of his cooking by heart. It did not sit well with him when eight of his customers lamented to him that the taste of his kway teow was not quite like what it was before.

Feeling like his reputation was on the line, he decided to investigate.

One of the customers showed him a photo of the kway teow that arrived from WhyQ.

Lest you’re not aware, WhyQ is a food delivery app that has over 1,200 stores listed on its platform and makes over 1,500 deliveries daily. Unlike the bigger food delivery platforms, they focus on hawker food.

Mr Tan was confused as he did not recall signing an agreement with the food delivery service. Upon studying the photo, he noted that the noodles were not the same as the one that he used in his store.

So this kway teow that was delivered with his shop name was not actually from him.

Questioning WhyQ

An aggrieved Mr Tan then took the matter to WhyQ to explain the matter. He was unhappy as he had taken many years to build the good reputation of his store and had many loyal customers.

WhyQ then replied that indeed, the delivery man had not been honest.

Since 26 May, Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow is no longer available on the WhyQ app. Then again, it never really was. An explanation has been sent out to all WhyQ app users of the schemes of the courier.

The courier in question has been banned from working for WhyQ. Mr Tan kindly said that he is not looking for any form of compensation for the act, and he is simply asking for a sincere apology.

Well, at least he gets some publicity from this incident.

Quality control 

WhyQ may have some service quality control issues due to the fact that they work with independent couriers. This means that the food delivery men or women have to physically go down to the store to place an order for the food before sending it.

WhyQ is working to make sure that all of the stores on its app have an agreement with them to sell their food.